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You get an extra spot on on one of the DP cars which driver which you want to be a mechanic for Matt Right. I mean right right now I think for me. I think it'd be pretty easy. I mean just and I'm GONNA pick from a pool of past. Dpi Drivers We've had you know Endurance races in the past. And I think I think I'd like to have a full-time be pretty amazing I go for Jordan or Ricky Taylor. Well you've had more experience with driving than I. That's that's a way would put us on spy here Mike more than episodes. We've had some really good guys in this car you know from. Obviously the Taylor brothers phenomenal job. Force Nando is another one. He was amazing in. Twenty nineteen in the rain at Daytona. That's fender can is done. I mean he did a fabulous job in twenty nineteen and again this year. I mean he he was a Rockstar. Wow I'm not sure I can answer that question and not feel bad like some blighty somebody well you got hurt. Somebody's feelings Chris Well I wouldn't put me behind the wheel. I know that that'd be the last one I don't know I'd have to. I kind of agree with Michael and community has done such a fabulous job for the past couple of years. It'd be effective. Fantastic one to come in and take some time if we had if we had the opening forum. I can't any of those choice. Go ahead yeah. It's definitely I mean not not to to you know. Take the thunder away from the two guys where you have to two guys. We have our amazing ringer in. You know Briscoe. I think they're going to do an amazing job. Once the season starts up. So Oh yeah I completely agree there. We just like to have some fun here and put everybody on the spot at least once in episode. Just make you sweat. Yeah you did that well gentlemen. It's been a lot of fun talking this morning. I appreciate it guys are able to stay safe and stay busy until racing comes back in whenever whenever that is in in. Hopefully the near future I look forward to seeing you guys out on the track and best of luck this year. Thank answering have a go on care by the..

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