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X Y FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. Six o'clock at NewsRadio one thousand. Okay, Beth Myers. They've found that missing boy from Strahl, but he was on his way somewhere. He was very very far from home. I'm Beth Myers, and the NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay, new center. And again, he has been found the seven year olds drought boy who was taken from school Monday by his mother who did not have custody. He's been found safe in Arizona. Sarah hills car was stopped by the Zona highway patrol earlier today near Phoenix, and she was taken into custody charges. Have now been filed in the April nineteenth fatal crash in southwest. Oklahoma City that killed a mother and her eight-year-old daughter forty three year old Tanya horn, and eight-year-old Riley, you old were riding in an SUV that was hit by the driver of a stolen pickup truck. Who was fleeing from police that driver Twenty-seven-year-old, Andrew, moon ios and a passenger thirty five year old Diana Alvarez have now been charged with first degree murder. And drug trafficking drugs cash and a loaded gun were found in the stolen pickup truck booze bringing in more money to the state. Here's Jim Foreside. Voter-approved changes in Oklahoma's alcohol laws are credited for the increase regulations that went into effect in October. Let grocery and convenience stores, sell strong, beer and wine and authorized liquor stores can sell refrigerated strong beer since then collections of averaged about eleven point seven million dollars a month state tax commission figures show, at average of ten point six million dollars a month during the six months before the changes workers stumbled across a body this morning and field off I forty near Yukon. It was about two hundred feet off the highway authorities were called and now an investigation is underway. Oklahoma City police have arrested a suspect in the death of a man who was shot and killed Monday night and then stumbled onto the porch of a house in the twenty one hundred block of south west nineteenth street and collapsed, and he was taken to a hospital, and he died the victim we know was forty nine. Year old Randy hurt a warrant was issued yesterday for forty-five-year-old Darin Davis, and he was arrested on a first degree murder complaint. The attorney for former oh you president David Boren says Boran wants to meet with the university's regions to personally address the sexual misconduct allegations against him. And the regions do meet Thursday and Friday in Norman attorney car Brewster says in a letter that born wants to speak about the obvious improvable falsities that need to be addressed born has denied any wrongdoing. A lot man went to visit a neighbor on Sunday and was bit by a five foot long snake that was wrapped around a porch light video posted on social media shows Jerrell Haywood opening neighbors front door, and then the snake leaps out and bites him on the head. He was taken to a hospital and treated. Luckily, the snake was not venomous. I guess it's not lucky anymore. Neighbor cable? And killed the snake with a hammer from the.

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