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Helsinki the talk putin vladimir putin and i'm just thinking wow this is a lot of interesting top going on and there's a lot of potential for things to be kind of weird and wacky and you see how one side reacts you know the idea that you know how trump is handling the nato summit and how he's criticizing germany and he's attacking germany for their double standard in our media especially the left side of the if you ought to look at cnn or msnbc and they're just going after this maddened by the whole thing they're going crazy about it and for those of you that have been in the conspiracy theorist realm for a long period time might me nato is never been really a friend and trump basically you know he goes in and he basically fulfills all of the conspiracy theory would be considered conspiracy theory prophecy or conspiracy theory prediction or all these things he's done a number of things where you know and and quite frankly he's vindicated some of the things i've talked about before of his policies and some of his perspectives and number of things and i shake my head and i'm going wait a minute this is too good to be true we're living in some b movie apocalypse here okay i thought barack obama was who's leading gives him to be movie apocalypse trump is letting us into a b movie apocalypse as well that's on either good or bad that's just observing okay that's how you was your things critically you'd be all pissed off you think that's stepping all over your conservative viewpoints but it's really not it's basically showing that yes we're living in times wherever you draw back on memories if you draw back on comic books if you drop back on scifi you draw back on all of those films be bubis whatever we're seeing like like i said h g wells you're seeing jules verne you're seeing all of these people or well it's all coming together in one big conspiracy taco okay it's a big burrito wrapped with all kinds of interesting tidbits and the reason why compared to be horror film b besides scifi because many you know i love for old be horror and science fiction films my passion for this genre of film gave me the enthusiasm to publish my own sci fi horror fanzine unexpectedly received a blessing from forrest j ackerman who at the time was the founder and publisher of famous monsters a film land and having this dorfman gave me the opportunity to interview the likes of director roger corman wes craven of course nightmare on elm street and of course i was interesting i was even roommate at one time with a guy who dated right harry howson's daughter vanessa nine a moment to talk with ray i met ray through his relationship with vanessa and he goes you don't know who ray harry housing did that stop motion model animation stuff and it was amazing how he would painstakingly he would take things like skeleton armies you remember jason the argonauts skill army and jason the argonauts and then bit a logical characters bring them to life these films and i was able to actually see close up the amir the creature from the film twenty million miles to earth up close and personal and then one of his favourite creations was medusa from the film clash of the titans in fact according to the movie history and movie historian say stephen the movie historian and said the most people know the story of pegasus medusa through ray hurry houses depiction of them in the film otherwise you know most people base most people base their imaging actually parameters on how medusa was formed by ray harry housing and why and how pegasus was formed by rate harry housing with seating movie clash of the titans and this is interesting since the fact that medusa in the film was only on for about five minutes less than five minutes in the film and so when you go back to greek mythology for those of you that into mythology medusa was one of the three gorgon sisters but once been stunningly beautiful she was raped by the god poseidon in the temple of athena it wouldn't athena discover them she turned medusa his hair into snakes and gave her the curse of turning all living things looked enjoy is turning him into stone perseus that eventually killed medusa using his shield is a mirror in order to avoid being paralyzed by her gaze most of us you know of course mc medusa in that film and most of us have had the.

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