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You're gonna lay on your stomach and your feet are going to go down. I and I'll be below you, Sandra. And you'll keep your weight on my shoulder. I went back to my father. And I told him that I was going to get help for us. We start down the mountain very, very steep. At this point. You can't really see very far below anymore. One point Sondra kinda wandered to my right and had lost contact with me a little bit. She sat up telling her not to simultaneously. She rolled away from me. I would sorta lose grip and star saying if she would start sliding Israel reached out to leaned over try to stop her and she just bold me right over and just kept sliding away. And she just shooting down the slope and just disappeared into the fog and the clouds, boom. Norman spent the next hour following the blotchy trail of blood Sandra had left behind in the snow when he finally found her. She was lying on her back. Under a cluster of trees and her eyes were open. And I spoke to her shuker, but she was dead. He was like I knew she was dead. I broke off all these tree limbs, and I try to pile them on her just so that the snow wouldn't build up right on her. And maybe they'd keep her warm. And as I did that I remember thinking on the one that made her come down the mountain felt badly about that. My sort of lost it for a second. I'm exhausted. I'm starving, and I'm basically just going to die right here. Remember surly laying on these raw hearing my father. Jeez..

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