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It in store views charge beyond under each sale prohibited website restricted to his 21 over tobacco consumers. Meet Keith Loving Dad board Game Champ Bus driving pro. I dropped 65,000 miles in my bus each year. If people knew what I know, lives could be saved, like how there are some things are simply can't see on my route. The other day, a car tried to sneak past me and ends up right in my blind spot. I turned slowly, so accident avoided but no car should be in the blind spot for £40,000 bus. It's our roads. Our safety visit www dot share the road safely dot gov. 3 44 and here's Marina Rock, and you're watching our traffic on the force from the Juvenile Law Group Traffic Center and what's going on? Apparently not her microphone. Oh, I'm here Hybrid and here high. So the one thing I've been looking at today, and it's been there a while now, so I don't know why it's taking so long to clear, but it's eastbound. I 90 at Westlake. Some average parkway. A collision is blocking. The right general purpose Linda partially blocking that ramp there, so that really is starting to cause quite a slowdown. Now, if you're trying to get over to that area coming out of the Bellevue area from I'd say about Eastgate Ch four or five is solid from just north of 5 20 through Factorial north on I five or four or five is really starting to get pretty jammed up from 5, 22, 85th and Kirkland. Southbound I five is tough and has been all day from Northgate into Seattle. And now we're starting to see the highway 99 slow down as well. So that's going to be tough coming through the highway. 99 Bridge as you head down towards the stadiums on Rainier Avenue South Chhon direction at Cloverdale. We have a collision, taking up two lanes there, south on I five, quite heavy from About 3/20 in federal way down to the five areas about 54th. This look at traffic is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples is evolving a staples connect a new world of possible with innovative tools for small business and remote workers and learners. Explore what's new at your local staples store or staples. Connect dot com. Next. Kemo traffic at 3 54 mainly sunny our forecast for tomorrow with a high in the upper seventies downtown now 70 degrees Stay connected. Stay informed. Comeau News sponsored by Tub Cove, bathroom and shower, remodel with ELISA Jaffe. I'm Rick Fan sites are editor is Bill O Neill. Most Microsoft employees will receive $1500 bonuses for working hard during the pandemic. It will cost the tech giant roughly $200 million. Microsoft.

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