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From one studios in Glendale California. This is as the Adam Corolla show Adams guest today the star of the upcoming Film Day Weston Cage Coppola Gina Grad on News Brian on sound effects coach. Jim harbaugh calls and Dave damaged sexier for good sports now after taking so many digs on Saturday night at the Rose I had a change of heart words hurt and he's tired of all your micro aggressions Adam Karol off off. Get it on got to get another church with the government mandates you get it ought thanks for tuning in and thanks for telling a friend. We love that about about you and good day geographic wired. That's Alec Baldwin. Yeah let's see where this a bond theater in. Beverly Hills Wilshire Lousiana issue yes right in there. I don't know must be twelve. L. Fifteen hundred seats Sabban. It's got a big up. It's got upper balcony kind of keeps going because the range with tables and stuff down below nine hundred nine thousand nine hundred classy plays for a roast nice old theater boy comedy central really took it over. I mean semi trucks and tables everywhere really a big production. I kind of forgot how bigger production the rose were. The Deniro was there. I was sitting next to Caitlyn Jenner Deniro and Carolina on side. I was on the Baldwin side sitting sitting over then grew side of the broad sense yeah. It's it's the thing that's funny. I'll hey there's a funny dynamic that Caitlyn Jenner has and I love. How do you hear me out here me out now no I. I love to talk racing with Caitlin Jenner all the time because she did. A lot of racing back in the day does stop up. Son Does stuff goes out and does this. goes out in the desert took his I don't know Porsche. Gt To a streetcar just took it to thermal local rates trackers palm springs or something like that the thing that's a funny dynamic about Caitlin is Caitlin where's big heels and and was walking around at six two with without the heels now they Caitlyn Jenner has big hands is an squeezes hard when Caitlyn also sort of moves when Caitlin moves a little bump you jostle you know the guys that are physical is a goal. She man spreads yeah and and and then every chance she gets in and we always talk more sitting next week. Talking talking the whole time you know in case like I take my boys out that desert boys fund in the Desert Boys Day out like boys flying lying against this sort of I'm going to do the voice and I'm GonNa. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA turn into this creature like a weird kind of a duality now now in a in a weird. I don't know shoot a point of pride okay. I'll still kick your ass like I am not. I'm a woman. I'm all man like just yeah. It's like what I'm saying is if you were if someone said to me look at them. You've got a pass yourself off as a woman like this is a bad age rom com and you're going to get thrown out of his dorm. I would not do it like Caitlin Jenner. I would not be squeezing the shit out. Everyone's hand banging him with my shoulder. When I turned around sort of moving around and in a wearing lumbering around and kind of jostling you know under the boards so there and also every chance so he's like hitting the desert got my boys boys on the desert and it's just it always strikes me as you're doing these two things simultaneously. You're you're becoming a woman but you're also sort of putting this masculine in feature forward is well. I don't know if it's psychological. I don't know I I'm the dude from the man. Show who races cars too so maybe there's a little maybe he ups the she ups the. Ante a little round meet. Maybe not so much if around Kris Jenner or or maybe aura. I don't know I'm trying to think of like if you if if Kaitlan was around Reese Witherspoon pre native dainty dainty would would this be or is it because I'm a six to raise his car in my mouth yeah. I don't know but it's always interesting dynamic that I'm always I'll talk about it one of these days 'cause. I'm not sure it's a little bit of a mixed message passage. It's it's it's a mixed message to become a female but when you when you shake guy's hand you give it a a message the needle so deeply ingrained from a young age that I just how she is that that's hardwired at this point not that this is oh. This isn't isn't the same necessarily but there are people who've transitioned their men who've transition into women who are now lesbians so you think that's a little strange but that's that's one of the pads yeah. It's just there's there's too many directions yeah. It's it's a hub with a million spokes. It used to just be a Moto Moto Mag a moto mag back in the days with just a magnesium ram. I am that had like the center hub and then like just four kind of Maine spoke seems like a compass or like when they draw north west North South East and in west at four corrections you go now you go five million directions and I. I can't keep track all of them but anyway I like Caitlin so we had a had a good time with that. Caitlyn was Caitlyn did something that was smart. There's little things that I don't think people think about and this was very smart. You ride all your jokes yeah. CAITLYN WILLY T rib stock. Thanks some experts true. you write all your jokes. You send your jokes and you go back and forth earth. I went up at the Comedy Club the comedy store I did some. I one up in the belly room on Friday night before it did some at a certain point you you've just lock it off. You know I don't know three in the afternoon. Dave the show. It's all in down and it's all in the prompt there there is no no more going up there with your note cards and stuff like that all imprompt there but I don't know is that the prompt their breaks everything up into a weird format. It's not the format you've written on your paper. It's a different format. It is not how you wrote it. wrote it all the way across the page general take it break it off and do it in a weird thing so yeah so so what what happens is they go. Well come on out on Friday. You know try it out. You go out on Friday had like an old script that old jokes or whatever I was sitting and now you you have all your jokes and you could have three pages of your joke with them in order and everything else in worded exactly how you want it but unless you've seen it in prompt there you're not you'RE GONNA BE A. I don't want to say off balance but you're you're not your comfort level was not what it'll be if you don't see it and prompt or now. Kaitlan was sitting next to me and during the commercial stopdown or whatever was pictures looking looking in her phone now kinda like what is she doing with her phone and I noticed some video was playing or whatever Caitlin was smart enough. This probably the dude in her thinking to film the prompt there during rehearsal so then when she wanted to run lines just scroll prime there because there's a muscle memory of looking at that you can can scroll all the lines you want if you're not seeing it in the prompt or format. It'll it'll jostle you a little bit so we had a matt who was sitting at your table. You're sitting. Excuse me you're not on my table. I put it out to everyone awfully before the show started thought is in New York. I thought it was a new. I told Matt put it out. I UH-HUH I stayed home from Napa. Our really bad home visit my table now. Your table was next. Deniro's arrows table awesome. You're like thank you said nuts center right yeah. It was incredible. Thank you again that my table which I didn't go to. Let's just right in the center of everything it was August his wife Kelsen his wife Madame Andrea Kevin hench me and my lovely wife were and and they're very nice link or looking for the table. Yeah we'll put these pictures up at Amazon. Dot Com politics right in the name so Baldwin's great and I had this weird thing. which was I wasn't I wasn't going to be AH I don't put myself out for anything and the phone rings and I'll I'll do something or it doesn't ring and I don't? I don't audition I don't. I don't go what you've done pitching USA that I don't I don't go let me be in on this done pitching the thing with the rose. I did my last one like thirteen years ago. I just they don't ask me. I'm not on that list. I'm I'm done but as I related to. You guys that when this one was found out with with Baldwin then Mike August was like go get in on it you know tell them you want to be in on it then. He'll do it but I did it and then I found myself and I was like I I have a weird wiring. which is I come from such a group of fuck up misfit whatever's? It's a weird wiring that I don't really do anything that's normal. I don't know how to make a tie a walking the red carpet reading a teleprompter a prompt there like all this stuff it all feels weird and bizarre like a podcast doesn't feel weird to me that this feels like what I should be doing and and building doesn't feel weird weird or driving a racecar. Many things don't feel weird but putting on a suit walking the red carpet hitting your mark reading prompt there. It's like Karolus Karolus. Don't do that do that stuff. That's for other people's. KIMMEL's of the world weird. It's weird relationship with certain things in in those. I just go like that. Don't don't invite him. Don't go you don't WanNa go. Nobody go is done. It's probably not going to be that good they go. We want to support you and then I was going on the last thing I want. I don't WanNa look out like see you sitting there and it'll it'll be fine. Stay home later yeah so so I don't know Matt you can you can share some some feelings then I want. The other thing I was like is art. I JUST WANNA go early and and I'M GONNA get a cotton drink. They're serving cocktails all night long. I mean they're porn heavy-handed forever all night long. You don't WanNa cocktail before you do your thing. I JUST WANNA go. I hope I go early and I give Macaque Alley order. When did you find out the order well they. They screwed it up. They were like backstage meeting. Deniro showed up in the into the Green Room. Everyone knows standing there and I was I don't that they pitch US Michael this Michael in that group. I was talking to Robert Smuggle Anyway. He was backstage. I pitched a joke. It's Michael One..

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