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Watch anything any time analysis it's a caper show he is a marius played by giovanni were bc received first season opens has been in prison for three years and he's just getting out and he finds that the the world outside has changed a little bit and some business that basically sent him to jail is still hanging over his head and the bad guy vince played by this act we might have heard of brian cranston um basically irs are also producer and he's the cocreator with david shore that uh they they want they want their money uh vince wants as money in its going to be bad for him so marius hides out takes on the personality that persona the id of his cellmate pete and shows up at this farmhouse that pete hasn't been to and twenty years and says hey it's me pete so takes over that life it's an assumed identity and he's got a kind of scramble to try and get this money to vince and all this stuff and finds out this family is not just this sweet uh bought he thought they were like municipal bonds for something to bailbond yet company and um yeah and he's really has generally identity are your guy he's entity him running lawns running cons and it turns out is running a big karn against fence the nazis in one season one ended with him thinking it was all taken care of and then something from pete's past so the guys pretending to be something from pete's pass comes up and vitamin in the ass and these thugs grab them and say take is to your mother and the eleven million dollars or we're going to kill your family because they think he's pete and that's where we start with season too so it's a funsho adegbola buzz last year that's how i ended up finding its a it's interesting to find history michel right now because you don't generally crtv tv ads worth.

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