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So there's that full season which is good because there's a bunch of cute gays that I- Ogle while they put put those buns in the oven in my right? And then there's also a new season that they put out it's so good. So that's by show this week do. You have a regular chaser. I do I recently made a playlist for the first time in a while. And it's called depressed and dancing and it specifically for when you're feeling sad. And maybe you're crying a little bit. But you also like wanna feel better? But also kind of wanna stew in it. It's a perfect playlist for that. Maybe I'll tweet it from the unhappy, our pod sure account. You know, it's it's mostly inspired by Robbins new album, which is basically made for sad girls to dance to and it's great. It makes me happy. And maybe it'll help you shake off your sad nece or sink into it. Who knows what about you met? What's making you? I like to drown my sadness in food. This. I guess it's on theme. Maybe it's because I've been watching so much bake off. But my chaser is banana bread because Bach. Eddie buddy, who says banana bread is gross. I've been Anna bread with raisins in it this morning, and I was extremely disappointed that there were raisins, and it why would you mess up a good thing? Anyway, continue on I like banana bread law raisins. Don't improve any bring this is about what I like. Yes. Yeah. Banana bread is my favorite bread and also putting my banana pudding. I almost went to magnolia bakery. But there's always a long line outside of it. Trim my true quest in life. Specifically in New York City is to find the best chicken salad sandwich and the best banana bread. Maybe that could be my sandwich chicken salad on banana bread. Interesting. You know, I'm not disgusted. I am intrigued that's right. When you go to a deli in New York one day, you'll say can I have the map Bella side? We'll just spit in your face. Because they refuse they refuse put chicken salad on a banana bread. Anyway, what else was my chaser for the week seeing people's reactions to the Joe Firestone interview. People were like what is happening. Great question. Can't answer. It. I love her so much. That's my favorite interview of all time. I love it. Couple of people who message mean we're like, I feel so bad. You seemed uncomfortable. And it's like, no fun. I mean, yes, yes. It was fun. All right. Great fun. That's it for this week. Thanks for listening to unhappy. Our you can head to apple podcasts or Spotify or Stitcher. Revie get podcast hit that subscribe button and rate us review. But only if it's nice, I don't wanna hear your shit on happy hour is a production of.

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