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Go to our website. That's the wise investor group dot com where we post the archives also where we Costar, midweek podcast, different content, different material. You definitely wanna check that out. And if you're not a client you want to reach out to was find out what we do for folks on a daily basis. You can contact us through the site. Just wanna squeeze in another name or to generate holding symbol G N. R. C Reported their earnings this week as well. Probably the growth theist name in our portfolio, Not a cheap stock, you know, trading it roughly 40 times earnings. But I still think they were value. I really do. You might know them. They're the largest player in the residential standby generator market with about somewhere between 75 80% market share Blew away their earnings estimates and, more importantly, significantly raised their guidance. They forecast revenue growth this year 2021 in the 25 to 30% range. Year over year that's unbelievable now. Granted, their business is skewed slightly higher. I think because of covert because more people are staying home, where people investing in their houses. You may not see is much generator ad over the course of the next 12 months. Maybe 2022 is a bit of a soft patch. Potentially, However, the long term secular drivers for this company are significant. Um, And there's some of them are kind of obvious You haven't aging power grid. We all know that you have consistent power outages, Certainly in California, where they do a lot of business, but all over the country. Global warming has brought more natural disasters. These air all tail winds for people wanting to have AH, you know, backup power and their homes. Maybe even more importantly, they become an alternative energy play. They've made a series of acquisitions over the course of the last few years. Uh, involving.

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