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I bet he ate all program Komo shared inheritance cracks Hi I'm torture sitting in for Bob McDonald Bob's away this week so this is a rare chance for me to sit in the host chair and I'm delighted to bring some great stories this week like the one about an exotic primate that we've just learned has six fingers this is more than just a little note there's a bone or piece of cartilage when we looked really carefully at it we even notice that there's a fingerprint also this story of a bird whose mating call all is so loud it makes his potential partner Flinch so what the female does he backs off she flies back furiously anticipating what's going to happen and the patient researcher a scientists cancer diagnosis leads to a change of life and a change of her. Life's work here I was is talking about you know again treatment and then I was diagnosed and then I totally got it plus will look into a yeast infection they can lead to people for mentoring alcohol in their own valleys and how climate change might be helping earthworms invade Canada all this and more today uncorked zinc works ooh.

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