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To training videos feature length documentaries to corporate videos and just about everything in between do these latest film is the documentary eagle one to want to which chronicles president Reagan's secret agent ambassador at Lee a meal want to who helped mastermind a creative way to financially take down the economy of the Soviet Union and to go she ate it an agreement with secretary general Mikhail Gorbachev line get be welcome back to coast to coast AM how are you right Richard awesome to be with you tonight we should also point out you are the communications director for a Lee wants her who at this moment is well we can introduce him a little bit later you're gonna lay a bit of the ground work for us it's been about four years it'll be four years in may since you were last on the program and there are a lot of people probably listening now who didn't hear that program so let's let's again laid the just give us the backstory first of all I described a little bit of lease background appointed by president Reagan under a particular doctrine Danny became his his secret agent first of all I never knew there was such a but just take me back yeah how to that to to how that happened why did president Reagan choose this rather unassuming gentleman to become a secret agent well that's a great yeah that's that's such an interesting story it's been a what I call obstructed history there's so much of this story good chicken here tonight that is never been told to the to the American public it's been suppressed and covered up but anyway you could tell you about about certainly want to first of all president Reagan needed a somebody that he can trust that could do that would be willing to do some work behind enemy lines and he used what was called the Tolkien doctrines which was initiated by president Abraham Lincoln with a man named told you that was used to help go behind Confederate lines to help bring down the confederacy use the potent option to bring to justify bringing on board a person that he trusted his name was we all want to also known as a Leo he will want to and he became an ambassador by the way in this process I think this phone **** will talk about that later but anyway lead that they had was commissioned are mandated to do some work behind enemy lines to help ring down with the Soviet Union or what was known as the evil empire and if you go back in history of course a lot of history being taught about that time here right now but if you go back that was a very very scary time in our history not country it was just one button away you know from the nuclear disaster that wiped out you know old man time on the or so it was very scarce because we had an arms race that was absolutely blown out our economy and we were having to keep up with and build our military might up and it was a tremendous a drain on our economy they were done it dozens and dozens of horrible proxy wars going on in in Africa and Southeast Asia all over the place people think that it was a non shooting war and while the United States and the Soviet Union didn't necessarily exchange a lot of gunfire all these proxy wars around the world were killing and maiming tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people well absolutely in a lot of people and realize that China was struggling against the evil empire as well during that time period there was a border skirmishes going on there was a potential war between Russia and China that was in the process of taking place so Reagan decided to work in conjunction with the Chinese and at the premiere at the time Jones child team in he also had a counterpart that was became lease partner's name was Howard clock in the two work together to effect currency changes that would help take down the Soviet Union financially as opposed to taking them on in that shooting more so so awful for that so this this currency exchange this was the instrument by which he collapse the Soviet economy and we can get leave it in here later maybe to give us a few more details but he was first first however Lee was given some seed money right in order to some money to play with in order to do this where that money come from that money was a was basically needed to just be backed up they get they rarely receive some credit through working with the Chinese Lee was able to and president Reagan and work together on this they got we received about a hundred fifty billion dollars in seed money which was what they and the which is backed up you know would help the Chinese the billion with of the hundred and fifty billion that is correct hi and this is a million dollars this is in the nineteen eighties right yeah yeah okay yeah so that's and that's in through that through this currency exchange this and we can tell you more details how he did that we all remember we we not only was he somebody that breaking trusted but he had a photographic memory understood mathematics very well and was just very Brian yeah I don't know what to believe that you is you're probably using best that if you're asking that but I could tell you that he's were brilliant and not that plus the side be growing have the character and integrity that Reagan trusted him and a lot of people know who he is in the White House they saw him come and go and they have those people you know course some of them are still alive in one part of the project that we're working on on the dock so when it when we say that Lee was a secret agent he's not like a James Bond character who is caring and a gun war you know had a cyanide pill around his neck in case he got caught he wasn't that kind of a secret agent right now well there is a lot of things that happened similar to that but obvious you if he was a spy he one of live there's no way that he could have done the work he did he have to be able to go behind enemy lines networks work with the enemy and get their trust and and he was able to to do some things that buyers somebody it was it would be considered an employee of the government one of been able to do all right let alone can be along give the is with us and he is the president of get beat media group he also acts acts as ambassador at least once his communications director he's also line is a a documentary filmmaker will tell you a little bit about eagle one to want that's the documentary film that has been in the works for what three four years and then about for almost five years now all right and also the the editor of of leave want is incredible story it's called want to blacks one white hat and ambassador Lee wanted is in a secure location the nineties we we can't divulge where he is but he will join us after the bottom of the hour now so these and he'll be he'll describe this in more detail but these currency exchanges that essentially work with the what they accomplished was de valuing the Russian ruble if the ruble collapsed and so the Soviet Union was basically broke they couldn't keep up with the the U. S. arms race and and and the the spending in the military spending in the United States so I understand then want to convince Mikhail Gorbachev basically to step aside and he paid him ten billion dollars is that correct that's correct and that's part of the the documentary this is the story in Sin lease biography he actually went into the Kremlin and was able to set up the meeting that with Gorbachev and did give him ten billion dollars to step down in Gorbachev agreed and that was enough that he agreed to step down he was paid those funds and then he moved down to presidio California started his foundation the card shop foundation so that's the part of the history that nobody really has heard about or really understand but I could tell you after five years of research in it and and looking at all the documents and interviewing quite a few people I can secretary that I believe without question that that is the truth of exactly what happened the way that we're describing but when you first were approached by Lee or when you first met him on the face of it I mean it sounds too incredible to be true did you believe it right away well when I first heard he was known as the twenty central in down and I'm like most people when they hear that they have there and roll our eyes and start thinking yeah right you know but when I started learning about him and and he did come to my yeah in Washington state in in a week and lived in our home actually for the time and everyone said he would never come in he did he showed up and we picked him up there were some security issues at the time but we spent a whole week together and interviewed him I have thirteen hours of content Emily where he is mine is in is very sharp and mean even at that time he was seventy five he could recount details times St people's names and he's seventy nine now you can still do the same you'll get to hear from here a little later in the broadcast we'll be surprise is how sharp the is that his agent channel course use up late at night just like all of us here at one o'clock in the morning for him right so you'll be impressed I think when you hear Lee so when we refer to him as the thirty one point two trillion I've I'm rounding it up to thirty two trailing what's a trillion between friends right the thirty two trillion dollar man so that is the the the the the the fortune that he amassed not only through these currency exchanges but there were some other financial maneuvers that he did it again he'll explain these buying certain I'm not your bank bank promissory notes or something but this money that he made what was he supposed to do with that money according to president Reagan what aspects are you paying the positive thing that you know I wanted to share with your listeners that other than than a lot of people say all he's going to get rich and have all this money this one like when the lottery or something his whole plan was to do it Reagan had that an mandated or ask him to do he took an all we did to follow the mandate a raise and set up and that was that when they amassed all this money the plan was to repatriated it was made outside the country in the imposter you don't know what they have to corporations for this application yeah there's a whole lot of what is your line is breaking up line I'm not sure you want a cell phone or a a cordless phone how that that best better okay so just back up about twenty seconds but I mean let me back up and say that that he ask me that question once again if you would please all right so what was to be done with this thirty two trillion dollars that want to had amassed using these currency exchanges and other financial maneuvers all right here big sign anything about it for every American and and and the whole world is that the money was supposed to basically be repatriated back into the United States it was made outside of the United States in Austin was made on our private corporations but we have agreed and with Reagan that that money would be repatriated and so he could pay his taxes into our country and part of it was to build us to put pay taxes which again the stance from out at thirty five percent would go in which would pay off our national debt the other thing that was supposed to be is for it was for a high speed rail system and infrastructure our country to get us caught up in also go into helping with some of the banking issues you know some of the crop banking that's going on they wanted to develop a better look the student loan program works worst students are ripped off they wanted to also help the veteran okay so I'd hang that by paying the tax on when he repatriates the the trillions into the United States has to pay tax on that thirty five percent that we're talking what twelve thirteen trillion dollars that would go to pay off part of the debt and the then you know help build infrastructure we're gonna bring the man himself into the conversation in just a moment lawn get beat my guess from TV media group he is the indications director for ambassador we want to president Reagan secret agent the thirty one point two trillion dollar man and he joins us next Saint motel my tight takings of the brake on coast to coast AM she's down he's ready okay you'll be J. 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