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So it's pretty cool. CLS 5 zero. Evan valenti, Seth Lennon, rap and things up, I'm dangerously the ones gosh, that means we gotta get going here. No. You know the thing I'm most nervous about maybe speaking of Ben online dot AG is that I have a 33 to one bed on the Celtics to win the title from before the season. And got them. I'm nervous about it. That's tough sledding right there. That is tough you know. You make these bets with no hope in your mind and then they become real to you. The fact that you got 33 to one is and the fact that you're still hanging around is pretty phenomenal at this point. It's amazing. It is amazing. Still probably won't come to anything. But game 7, Sunday Night, 8 30, can be a stressful 24 hours, because it's almost 8 o'clock Eastern Time right now. So it's about 24 hours out. Sometimes these games feel so stressful that it's hard to even decide if it's fun. It's like, am I even having fun right now watching this game? Like I'm just terrified. None of these games are fun. Unless you're winning by 20, then they're fun because we need to have like a therapist on to figure out why we do this to ourselves. Because it's out of our control. But game 7, 8 30, ESPN. Again, if you're like me and hate the fact that it takes till 8 45 to the ball off. You can watch the 8 45. Or 8 40. And then a couple of minutes of BS, but whatever. One of the things we talked about extensively in this podcast. The offensive rebounding numbers. Yes. One of the things that I would like Boston to do in game 7 is first off, cut down on the offensive rebound numbers from Miami, okay? Security defensive rebound. But in conjunction with that, I want them to push on that because it's clear that Miami is sending everybody to the glass. Very clear, very evident that everybody has been told to follow your shot on Miami because how many guys have shot the ball. Obviously, it doesn't even matter if they know if it's going or not, but they're just crashing automatically. And there's just more guys around the basket of the Boston has. There's two or three guys down there for Boston. There's 5 from Miami..

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