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It's a shame that she had to prove her blackness to blacks in explain possibly apologize for door jobs the prosecutor, which I feel she shouldn't because she is biracial Noah questions Obama's blackness when he first ran yes he did when he first ran, she was doing her job to represent the government in regards of criminals. Are punished even if it may seem harsh but she was doing her job another thing one, hundred black famous man signed a letter saying Joe Biden should've hit a black woman as vice president but did not rally behind supporting a black woman to receive a president. President nomination but now wants to rally for her. It's like an oxymoron. You said a lot there. I can see why you might want to remain anonymous. The first thing I'll say is I don't believe you that black people will not come out for Biden airs. I don't I know one votes for VP period right and for me is one of those things to the people you talking about it's a small minority. That online shit acts Nigga outside Olah is like I am go. It wouldn't matter who the fuck he picks vice-president it wouldn't matter and they have and the thing is. The reason doesn't matter. We pick for vice presidents because they already say they're not going to vote for body don't be fooled by these people right? Any anyone saying will now I'm not gonNa vote for him was saying it a week ago they were going to say next week and they're going to say a mother of fat and they're gonNA say a month in the future these people can't be depended upon they're also not a majority of US know. Black. People don't turn out the vote. It will be because of voter suppression. Yes. This is not. Our fault, but it is our problem. See what I'm saying we we're not to blame for voter suppression, but we are absolutely being slammed by it Black people will turn out not just. Will turn out. We'll wait longer in line to turn out. Okay. We we will wait at the three or four voting machines. We even have in our district five six hours till the darkness until. In line. while. White precincts going home looking at the results on on TV you see what I'm saying they this we won't be the problem and not only will we show up to vote we will vote Democrat. The vast majority of US won't be out there splitting the vote with. An artist Shit, we will vote Democrat and more, and we will vote at Harbour Senate the problem will be, are we allowed to vote? Are we being as Grub Dow rose are we being intimidated from voting? Are you see what I'm saying?.

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