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I didn't see you. Folks, I am really excited right now because we're talking about something in this hour and I hope in the next hour as well that's at the heart of my concerns for the nation for the culture for the world. Something called education. I have in front of me, a brand new book called battle for the American mind, uprooting a century of miseducation, the authors are in the studio Pete hegseth and David Goodwin welcome. Thank you, Eric. Now I know both of you sort of because but from different worlds, you're mister Fox and Friends on the weekends or my confusing you with another Pete hegseth. No, you're right, you're right. And we met in multiple iterations. Here and there. But the problem is when you see somebody on TV, you don't remember, did I actually meet them or did I just saw that see them on YouTube or something like that? But David Goodwin, you are the head of the association of classical Christian schools. Yes. Devotee and fan of classical Christian education and of homeschooling and I am thrilled to see you again. And thank you for writing a book because we need to talk about this. So where do we start? First of all, I think most people want to know, hey, how did Pete hegseth meet David Goodwin? How did you come to write a book together? Well, I met David Goodwin. You mentioned Fox and Friends. It happenstance to that. I was at a diner in rural North Carolina talking about the news of the day as we do on the morning show. And a family approached me too cute little girls in uniforms and a woman pulled me aside and said, you know, what do you know about classical Christian education? Because we were talking about it. And we got to talk in and she said, you got to meet this guy, David Goodwin, and she put us in touch. And I had kids that had been in classical questions, so I was familiar with it, but I didn't understand the larger movement. And we just got to know each other and he shared some early manuscripts that he was working on of research that he had done. And I kept reading it and saying, this is amazing. Everybody's got to know this. This is the key right here. And over months and then years, we kind of joined forces and swap notes, and then we decided to embark on a Fox nation film called miseducation of America, which is where, and then this book also came out of that project as well. So it is a genuine partnership of two people coming at the same issue with passion and David's David is the expert. He's the man. Well, I think as things unravel at the speed of light, people are waking up. And, you know, there's a famous scripture Romans 8 28. You don't have to believe in the Bible. Just pretend Ben Franklin said it. It says all things work together for good for those that love the lord and are called according to his purposes. In other words, even when things are in a nightmare where you have cultural Marxism being shoved down our throats and all that, the good news for us in America is that it's waking people up who otherwise would have remained asleep. They're thinking, wait, wait, wait, what? You're teaching my kids what? I had no idea. Because, you know, in 1975, when I was in fourth grade, it was not, so this is good. And then of course, people want to know, all right, now what do we do? Now where do we send our kids? We know we're not setting them to those schools unless we get on the board and fix that. So, but I do love the idea that in this book, you tell us how we got here. So let's start, I mean, do we go to John Dewey? Do we go before John Dewey? How did we get to a point? Let me just say this. In America, we're free. So we say, we're going to educate our kids. We're going to have a one room schoolhouse. I've got to plow the fields. My wife's got stuff to do. So we're going to hire a school teacher and we're going to get them to teach the kids in the neighborhood. And they're going to teach exactly what we want them to teach obviously. They're the experts, but we're not going to let them teach things that we think are wrong. And that's how we got public education quote unquote. When did that go crazy and.

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