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Okay because how I read it was that Chris Xeros meant to be in the shield big was the Guy Vince. Are Saying, yeah. You must be in the field an enrollment just took both spots. Hall. Apparently they. Why they had they had a gear form and everything and I forget who he gave. He gave his geared like yesterday on the healed year to somebody like another wrestler. contact. Would it be weird to think of Christina in the in the shield? Like trying to think of it we. Have Been Strange. But yeah, I've always said that he was meant to be meant to be the guy. But it was it was an obviously big a and it was I think he's good. They've moved him away from fight in Ms Morrison and that and I think Shaimaa perfect perfect food to start i. mean you always get solid matcher. Shame. Yeah again, the mattress good I think the two should be thrown bums each other. Maybe they were trying to do too much I think mattress solid and yeah it's interesting to see what they do. We'd be I mean what beginning to look at big versus Roman wrestlemainia thing that could be a thing. Me Yes. Talking it up. It was at a point where seeing it was teasing. He'll turn and he really thought for real that they were going to go. He'll with them. So he bought Christie result he'll hero off of. A wow. Really seasonable heroes he'll. This, you don't like it like them around that time when they were the whole thing where like him Zack Ryder fight with each other overeas. Pushing this hall. He needs the title one. He's GonNa. Kill you do anything to get it or whatever bullshit. About Eve storyline, she was good. He'll when she turned. With like. Deemed it was supposed to be like the shitty seen a year because like everything was going wrong for him after he looks to the Rock. Yeah Yeah Okay Yeah I remember this back at it now but that feels like a lifetime. Absolute lifetime. Back. To payback, moved on King Cobra Versus Matt Riddle. For me I like Corbin I and I like I. Just couldn't get into this match. I don't know if if they don't Mesh well. By struggle to get back into. I don't know what it was like I like both. I just I don. McDonald. Corbin's offense didn't feel like the same. I don't know if it's just him in working together it just. Yeah just it just didn't get going for me. It wasn't very good in my view. I? Think that was the week he's match. On the card which I was surprised because I thought. Very smackdown heavy. Yeah. It was. It.

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