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For never stops and so we have targeted on relief we make it for you it's aimed at people not a defeat corporations not at some kind of general long term economic plan that the president might want for other purposes it seems the president president seems to be more worried about the health of the big banks and the health of Americans we don't believe that works and so the administration is proposing tax cuts and bailouts for the airline industry the oil and gas industry that's just out of touch the bottom line is we need to put people first I let's talk about the response now I've told you a lot about where we are what the threat is that we face how we need to come together or try I've tried to minimize the politics but as I said there's politics is caution that involves policy and policy at the national level at the local level is is part of our response right now so I want to bring a friend David Harsanyi from National Review to speak with us a little bit about this David thanks for making the time always a pleasure thanks sorry I first you know the the people talking about bailouts stimulus fed policy help in the airline industry helping the the the cruise industry well you know what what what do you make of let's start on the on the economic side of all this what what do you make of the actions the administration talks about the trump talk about last night and that now Democrats are are passing bills to try and do something.

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