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Also today. reward offer the death of the Chillicothe woman struck by a branch near old man's cave Victoria Schaefer died September second after being struck by a branch. authorities initially thought the tree branch had fallen naturally but the Ohio department of natural resources announced the next day that evidence from further investigation showed the opposite. they say this time lapse more questions have been raised from the initial questions and we need help from all to find the answers this according to Chillicothe Ross chamber of commerce president CEO Mike thrown southern Ohio Crimestoppers president early early large said anyone adder around old man's cave on September second might have info or photos from around the time of Schaeffer's death should contact local law enforcement again this is one of these. right now as I'm speaking there somebody listening that that probably knows something about this case. it's sad that it's gone from from what it sounds like was some sort of an accident now on to maybe something premeditated. and I'm sure the family they obviously want you know justice to be served if it was people monkeying around and things went horribly wrong and who knows again I mean there could be this could all be documented on somebody's phone. I think initially they had said something about young I don't know if it was kids young adults might have been seen you know in that area up on top around the time that that happened. the but again you know if you know anything about this contact the authorities because yeah there's there's a you know a family looking for answers here if if you've got info you can get a hold of southern Ohio crime stoppers at seven four oh seven seven three eight four seven seven. or the DNR at six one four seven nine nine nine five three eight. so whether. it was accidental or. people making really poor choices that end up in the the death of a. the mother. it just seems like there's so many things going on as of late word it's just it's poor choices being made. leading to. incredibly unfortunate circumstances how about how about this story. Selena man locked up in the Franklin County jail accused of spitting at officers while he was being arrested in connection with cars. clearance pope charge with a long list of charges including harassment with a bodily substance Grand Theft Auto hit skip failing to comply he was arrested August twenty fifth there each Longstreet began to spread through an open partition of the cruiser striking the officer in the eyes and his face and stated that he was a an aids care. if it turns out and they're going to have this guy tested. if it turns out he he actually is carrying the aids virus you should he be charged with attempted murder. if he's spending and Anne's proudly announcing it and doing and saying I've got aids any spitting on a cop and he spits it is on high I would think that that would lay out a pretty good case for attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. so let's hope others some resolution not let's hope that number one that he doesn't have it so that that that police officer can enough sleep at night knowing that he's not going to. end up coming down with aids and then hopefully justice gets.

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