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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Dying down tonight. It'll be mostly cloudy early. And then grandeur clearing is the Friday morning overnight. Low should be about fourteen tomorrow's high in the low forties the way things look right now. And as we look ahead for the weekend, mostly sunny for both Saturday and Sunday with highs in the mid to upper forty s from CBS four, I'm meteorologist, Dave Aguilera on KOA NewsRadio. Eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM mostly cloudy skies at DIA. It's thirty degrees. It's thirty one here in the Denver tech center as the bomb cyclone has moved out of the state maybe behind a mess in stranded. Travelers doubts. Kyle Lester says they are getting roads reopened and people on their way trail seventy out east deer trail. There are forty people that are held up into a church. Snow drifted in loaders that responded or clearing away kind of hoping that opening that up to get people moving all major highways in Colorado are now open several. County roads, though remain a bit treacherous treacherous. That is Denver mayor Michael Hancock was pleased with the way the city handled the bomb cyclone here. We are today. After the storm that made national news in our city is up and running. In the meantime, governor Jared police has ordered flags to fly at half-staff throughout the state for Colorado state patrol trooper Daniel groves trooper groves died yesterday after being hit by another vehicle while helping a driver in the blizzard who had slid off the road, and I seventy six between Gainsbourg, and Robin Israel.

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