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See what approach we're taking I think it it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census the Supreme Court ruled to keep it off for now because if down the ministration stated reason for the question quote seems to have been contrived first comments come as the justice department is changing is a legal team for defending the ministrations push for the question any changes to the senses at this point could jeopardize the final preparations for the constitutionally mandated head count of every person living in the U. S. on the long and your news New York democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has gained strength in the field of contributions to our campaign or an education and P. R. Scott decker reports the senator from Massachusetts raised more than nineteen million dollars in the last quarter exceeding expectations Warren has sworn off attending big ticket fundraisers relying almost entirely on online donations that hurt her fundraising totals in the first three months of the year but this spring Warren started gaining momentum and rising in the polls that's our policy proposals got more attention Warren raised more money in the end more than three times what you raised in the first quarter in fact warn end up raising more money than both for months senator Bernie Sanders and California senator Kamel Heris fundraising totals are a sign of the candidates grassroots support and an indication of whether the campaigns will have the resources needed to compete in the crowded democratic field Scott dentro NPR news Washington launch a democratic presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell was out of the race the California congressman will seek reelection to his house seat Vice Admiral William Moran is decided to retire from the navy this after the secretary of the navy Richard Spencer question Moran's judgment and yours Tom Bowman explains the edible who is set to become the navy's top officer on August first will instead retire because of what navy secretary Richard Spencer called poor judgment regarding a professional relationship now this all stems from a relationship of Moran had with a former naval officer who is reprimanded for his actions during a Christmas party back in December two thousand sixteen navy secretary Spencer said Marantz decision to maintain a relationship with his former officer cause me to call his judgment into question therefore today I accepted admiral Marantz request to retire NPR's Tom Bowman Wall Street the Dow fell a hundred and fifteen points the nasdaq was off sixty three this is NPR and you're listening to W. NYC in New York I'm Jamie Floyd financier Jeffrey M. scene appeared in federal court today following his high profile arrest on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges W. my sis going Hogan attended the hearing and describes the scene blue what looks like maybe glued to grab looked a little Haggard there was a little bit and kind ancient overnight he was arrested I've seen pleaded not guilty as attorneys argue that he's already pleaded guilty to the same allegations in Florida over a decade ago and a controversial plea deal for which he served about a year in jail he'll be in detention until his bail hearing at next Monday prosecutors argue that he's a flight risk and should not be.

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