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There's a new the ground is shifting in Texas right now, and it shifting away from a one party system, Texas is synonymous with one party state back whenever it was all democratic and now that it's all Republican. But you're seeing that all Republican begin to recede to road in. So the extreme whenever it was one party in the Republicans were winning statewide races by twenty points. You saw people give in to far-right policy that wasn't necessarily conducive to place. It's not conducive to place in every begin to talk about eliminating or consolidating schools. Number one example in rural Texas, we just went through the state championships. My goodness how many great football programs. We have in outlying areas of Lubbock new deal in shallow water in Abernethy. And then you go up into other places as well. Canadian. These great football programs in those all come from proud school districts, and you cannot talk about consolidation of schools without talking about consolidation towns in that means the end of a place. But the more the Republican party gay into in this being five years ago. Like, there are things I see today that I would never drained that were possible five years ago p so many people shifting position. I don't want to get ahead of myself. But in the media impolitic people begin to shift and come back to the middle to till middle right position. Maybe even a middle left position. And one thing that the rural Texas always fight against his suburban, Texas, at least for the last decade where there is no sense of place. And I don't mean to be ugly. People live in the suburbs and follow the pursuit of happiness, and I get it. But there's not a sense of place. So that property taxes become the predominant issue. And then there are other side issues, but guess what when the suburbs begin to vote democratic then that changes, the dynamics, and that's what happened in Texas. Two thousand eighteen all of a sudden, I'm speaking of an urban conference urban counties event next week with Ross Ramsey. We'll talk about here in a minute in. What I would have said in October, and what I will say in January or totally different because of the composition of what turned out in the suburbs. It changed a lot of the picture. Now, what you've got left in place where it has been one party or the da hard left wing Democrats at run a lot of in involved out at true ideological positioning in Lubbock in in a lot of other places in what guess what they wanna do. Now, they went to go. They wanna to go further lift based upon two thousand eighteen they can't take signs and say, well, maybe if we moderated a little bit we might achieve a win in a lump counting Republican party this one I hear a lot. We ought to be able to carry guns at the courthouse. We'll carry if you not into the Lubbock county courthouse. She know that they're inmates are being shifted from floor. Floor. It'd be crazy for somebody to have a gun accessible to an inmate at anytime. But, but that's a big part of Lubbock county Republican party platform right now, it just shows you how out of touch they really are the terrain shifting a new politics. And I'm telling you watch people who you've watched over the last decade in politics in media and you'll begin to see how they'll begin to shift. But I do think it bodes well for a vet school in that terrain to say guess, we're Republicans won. They won in rural Texas follow the lead. And we'll take you the promised land make a deal with us. That's just some west Texan ISM some prairie populism. As we kick off. Ross Ramsey coming up with us at mystic with us fun program. Head. Some. Jags all star up in this. Yeah. So mild Ma Daggs. Hey, you can follow along the program on air AM, five eighty on line at other side of Texas dot com..

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