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Sunday, survivors, placed flowers an execution wall at the former Nazi German death camp. They also wore striped, scarves, that recalled their uniforms. Some with the red letter p that letter was the symbol the Germans used to Mark the prisoners as polls earlier in World War Two most prisoners were polish rounded up by the occupying German forces later, Nazis transformed Auschwitz into a mass killing cypher Jews and others. Correspondent Andrew Stewart or reports that Soviet forces liberated Auschwitz on January twenty seventh nineteen forty five. It was January twenty eighth nineteen sixteen that Louis Brandeis was nominated by president Woodrow Wilson to the supreme court Brandeis became the court's first Jewish member. Breaking news and analysis at townhall dot com. A new book on NFL innovations is written by football writer. Doug, Farrar, the old adage necessity is the mother of invention is alive and well in the NFL. It's also the subject of the genius has desperation a book by football writer. Doug for our that serves as an encyclopedia of coaches and their innovations. I was always interested in football theory and the way things were put together for ours premises. How coaches were able to adapt to their own personnel while coming up with schemes that were strokes of genius until someone else built a better mousetrap the book gives you a true appreciation of the NFL's, best coaches and their ability to adapt. Create and revolutionized the league, I'm Dave Ferrie. In rainy, Orlando Florida Sunday, the AFC the NFC for.

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