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Yes, can you actually believe it two thousand nineteen fast approaching you don't have time for these unexpected hurdles to derail you in your career? You can find the software you need fast. With capterra's new free book, the big book of free software, which you can download for free at capterra dot com slash money. So what is capterra will? Capterra dot com is the free resource to help you find the software you need for your business. I mean, they have everything with helpful information on over three hundred different software tools. They're big book a free software help you find. Plea free tool to test today, and yes, it's absolutely free. She won't have to ask your boss for a penny ordering your business account. Whether you're looking for a new project management tool recruiting software or Email marketing solution like I was capterra's big book. A free software has something for you. Visit capterra dot com slash money today to get your free copy of the big book of free software. That's capterra. C A P T R A dot com slash my money. Capterra dot com slash my money. So there are some decisions in life that just really shouldn't totally revolve around price. It's good to save money. I'm a big fan of saving money. But it's also good to choose a health plan. That's just point to flat out work for you family for your budget. Whatever situation you're in. And they are not all created equal, for instance..

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