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Serves as a lecturer to that city's counseling students at Concordia university as well Lainey welcome back how are you I'm good George how are you I'm looking forward to this there is no topic other than dreams that capture so many people's attention all the six how did you get into this I got into it it's kind of like the dreams came to me because I'm a person who has amazing dream recall and I've had that kind of recall my whole life so I think my father started it because when I was a little girl he was the one of the couple that will come into the bedroom and he never ever said to me it's just a dream go back to sleep he used to say good tell me and I would tell him this whole nightmare and then when it was time to go back to bed he would say to me Hey it's time to go back to bed and you gonna say I'm gonna have a nightmare I'm gonna have it I'm ready for it bring it on so there was all this that's very union and he didn't even realize he was doing that but he was welcoming the dream and teaching me to discuss them so it started young and very quickly when I was twenty I had my first of four daughters who was born with down syndrome and not too long after obviously I became depressed and I ended up in psychoanalysis with a brilliant New York Freudian so much so he did probably eighty percent of my cycle analysis through dream interpretation so my introduction to Freud was that I experienced him long before I studied him and I went on to study these different fathers of psychology just because I'm not kind of girl I like to like you George when I get onto a subject I get all the way into it and that's kind of what happened on the clock tick in my approach and I mostly use for Lloyd young Adler and pearls why do we dream in the first place Laney well and it's it's interesting because I'm hoping to discuss this virus and how it's affecting all of our dreams and the best way to start is to say to you that we are problem solving in our dreams and we felt going deep because I'm happy to go deep but at the first level the dream is the discussion you are having with yourself about a very specific current issue that you're trying to problem solve and that's what the dream is streaming it is only thinking I'm here to bust the mystery you're just talking to yourself and you're speaking in the language of metaphor and what I do is teach the language of metaphor so that we can wipe away the mystery and I'm going to teach you how to uncover what the heck he was saying to yourself when you had what you think is a crazy dream why do some people remember dreams other people don't well there's a physiological reason because there's a memory trace in your front your the frontal lobe that is not operating at the same capacity when you're asleep as when you're awake so it's more natural not to remember your dreams but some people do and and whether you remember them or you don't we are all dreaming and everybody is problem solving in their dreams and it's just so weird right now because I keep getting dreamer after dreamer after dreamer and when you we uncover the meaning of the dreams it's it's the virus it's everywhere it's including our dreams because he and the most wonderful news I have is the unconscious is not only so sophisticated but it's so positive it's your higher self that you're having a discussion with and the dreams and I'm gonna give you a bunch of examples you from any different scenery each of us are managing we are managing from the messages and encouragement that we are getting from our unconscious so you might think something starts off as a horrible dream lake I don't know if you're aware of Claudia asri she's known as girl with No job and I'm I like to be I'm involved with Instagram I love it there and so I followed her and she discussed with me how she keeps dreaming about the Holocaust and thinking that she's dreaming about the Holocaust because she was watching a show on Netflix as she was falling asleep that has to do with the subject of the Holocaust and the I know I don't argue that point that the initial way that some of the images are realizing your dream most definitely you get some of those images from what happened today what you're seeing on TV the brain is like a tape recorder isn't it exactly but I and it and this is a big batch we are so sophisticated that you will not choose an image unless it serves a certain something that you are trying to save yourself and that girl's dream is a beautiful example of what I call rehearsal it's a little rehearsal dream because if you're practicing what it feels like not to have any control over what's around you same as the whole of the Holocaust you know it was like a life experience where people had absolutely no control over what was going on around them now if you rehearse what it feels like to have no control in your dreams and you rehearse it over and over and over again you know that expression been there done not that's what happens you exercise that muscle and then as you're going through this virus saying you are getting more and more used to not get you click that feeling of not having control and why do you get more comfortable with it because you've been doing it for the last whatever week or two or three in your dreams you've been choosing different situations and memories that have to do with having no control and you kind of get used to it and it it desensitizes you plenty let's talk when we come back about why people are under stress and what those dreams can do to help them we'll be back in a moment Lainey dolphin with us her website linked up it coast to coast AM dot com to find out where George Noory speaking go to the coast to coast AM dot com website scroll down to the bottom and click George's calendar right now there is a lot to consider when selling a home home equity is high housing inventory is down and interest rates are at an all time low but.

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