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A significant reversal U. S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sahlin has changed his clothes door impeachment testimony Sonya now claims there was a quid pro quo linking US military aid to Ukraine and an investigation of president trump's political rival correspondent with the wild reports that someone is scheduled to testify tomorrow he will have to answer for the list of witnesses who plays him effectively as the messenger for trump's wants and desires he's the one who had according to several witnesses now the first line of communication between president trump and then subsequently Ukrainian officials didn't sheriff's deputies arrested two people for the murder of a woman whose body was found near Denton creek twenty year old jade Heris disappeared in October two teams fishing near Dayton creek found her body earlier this month sure Tracy Murphree says they arrested Harris's ex boyfriend twenty one year old Tanner Brock and his new girlfriend twenty seven year old Kirstin Ross they're both charged with murder she had evidence of have been assaulted and also had the multiple stab wounds to that was kind of one of the reasons snowing Mr brought history of dismissal paid women and their relationship were kind of looking at him from the word go Paris leaves behind a husband and two children the national transportation safety board has released its findings into the deadly engine failure on board Southwest Airlines flight thirteen eighty the engine failure claimed the life of passenger Jennifer re order the NTSB determined that a fractured fan blade powering southwest Boeing seven thirty seven seven hundred led to a damaged fusel lodge senior NTSB engineer Matthew fox says the crank may have been difficult to see it is likely the crack was not detectable by the fluorescent penetrant inspection conducted at the time of the fan blades sets last overhauled Boeing was told to redesign of Florida engine casing Clayton Nevil WBAP news again the W. B. A. P. weather forecast tonight increasing clouds with a low around fifty eight tomorrow cloudy with a thirty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms afternoon highs near seventy five right now sixty four degrees in downtown Dallas from the W. B. A. P. news desk on my training or next news of the eleven thirty twenty four seven coverage at WBAP dot com this is the news and talk in Texas twenty eight and ninety nine five and then the city to start a twenty okay figure this been in guy out and this was supposed to be the star witness for the Democrats and I'm gonna try to just do this as authentically as I can and not overly dramatic dramatic size of but I don't think it's possible for me to try okay I think it starts so I'll probably with the uniform the uniform as good but what actually before even the uniform it's you offended me because you didn't mention my rank in the dressing me the serviceman you testified in your deposition that you did not know the whistle blower I remember excel lieutenant colonel women please I live lieutenant colonel them and all while correcting you that year not calling you the lieutenant.

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