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Goes to Gainesville doesn't happen a lot. I think the last time it happened. Was 10 years ago when Alabama beat Florida So it will be a special atmosphere in Gainesville. 3 30 Kickoff on Saturday afternoon. All right, it's 5 42 now, Wdbo. Hey, Good Tuesday morning, Scott Inez with your Windows Morning news. Let's get your five day forecast now brought to you by protect air conditioning and plumbing services. Good morning, Tom Terry. Good morning, Scott. We are where we normally are this time of September and the very muggy low to mid seventies. We're gonna be back into the low nineties today about a 40% storm chance between two and around five p.m., and that's our best rain chance again on Wednesday. We're still looking at an uptick in rain chances. Oh, probably 60% rain coverage for Thursday and Friday, possibly even into the start of the weekend. As we're continuing to see a lot of moisture streaming in from the Gulf of Mexico. Some of that will come from what's left of Nicholas, which was right on the Upper Texas coast late last night and earlier this morning. As the sixth hurricane in the Atlantic season. They've had some heavy rain. We're going to see our rain chances here not directly from the system, but just coming overall increase in our rain chances By the end of this week, they extended five day forecast four times an hour. I'm Todd Terry. Right, Tom. Right now we are looking at 78 degrees there in Lake Nona. It is 77 now. At Orlando. Severe weather Station Safe Touch Security Triple team traffic called cross is back. What do you see An eye for right now, Paul kind of a mess right now through downtown Scott. I'm looking at the cameras trying to figure out what exactly is happening. But Cruz still.

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