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Five respirator masks to some poor third world countries imagine a fifteen who's making promises they can't deliver fifty million mass and who's in who's dropping three hundred seventeen million dollars in your bank account before you actually provided yeah that's that's a bad idea on the New South Wales Australia seek is speaking about ideas the judge says there was a commercial agreement followed by an innocent mistake now one of two men has been found not guilty they were hired to fulfill a stranger's very strange unscripted fantasy of being tied up and slapped around a bit while in his underwear that job would have paid well about five grand the duo entered the wrong address oops today may see you later bye sorry about that and that is your horrible news over happy music hopefully it makes you feel a bit better start to notice a pattern now with you the stories always end with someone either without their clothes or in their underwear these are the stories they're real fit to print these like those old weekly world news stories I used to love triple a traffic powered by Bowser where they're open for business happy burglar and top that well we're doing pretty well on the road but I'm looking over on fifty one where we have crews doing work once again over around what's your street heading for the parkway west actually we've left lane restriction both directions between the parkway and Woodruff so just watch for that little sluggish for you through there I'm not seeing any major delays heading into that constructions on parkway still look pretty good so just read twenty eight inbound outbound we do know that Lee restriction Ryan Cheswick Springdale it's a little bit sluggish for you as you make your way past that but two lanes are open for you so it's not too bad as you make your way out toward Pittsburgh mills our next apologetic on the files at seven thirty five for the Presbyterian senior Kerr network traffic center Kathy Bergen on news radio ten twenty KDKA and accu weather says here's your weekend it's going to be cloudy often on today we'll see a little sunshine you have some now but then chance for some thunderstorms developing especially this afternoon.

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