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Teas. So s Hud are like utter. So let's take it over to Cujo believe it. We have to the stand based Cujo. Believe. It's today because everyone's talking about the stand doing interviews about the stand because in December a new short series, easterner rap give it. I'm stoked. Hope they do. Well, they look really pretty we'll find out. So I'm GonNa tell you that captain trips did not make its debut as virus by that name in the stand made its debut in a nineteen sixty-nine story called Night Surf that S K published in the humane literary journal Hubris. Stephen King mentioned that with his stand money, he bought a canoe. He did he bought an old town canoe, which is also the kind of canoe that I own. So that's one more wages wanted I used to say that you own the same kind of canoes Steven. Kane does I actually I promise. I. Just thought of that I was like, oh That's the same kind. Do not believe press x to doubt Hey I think that brings us to the end here. weirdly enough we would like to thank Monica Chan for doing our posters. Fishman for our graphic design, Tony, Magistrelli, and Michael. Balloon. For being our academic mentor figures. Bryant our mysterious archivist, our entire Patriot community for turning us a prophet. That's true. As well as the Stephen Tabitha King Foundation for all of the good philanthropic work they do in the state of Maine and I would like to thank Phoenix Crockett my sweet Bible boy in the not state of DC, I would like to thank my wonderful. Just. Like drop. Dead Beautiful. I tried to objectify but it's unbelievable. Stephen Indra. Sano. Also, our thoughts are out there with the people experiencing problems with fires of the entire American West is on fire. We're not talking about politically or racially or any other ways or Cova we mean on fire. And if you can donate to any of those efforts that would be awesome. Boys do and thanks to you for sticking around for fifty got damn episodes. We'll see you next week for the B side of all beside this far as I'm concerned fourteen. See you.

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