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Three eighty have a good weather on the aids and when it breaks every year on the beltway as rush hour gets under way both lives caring so traffic toward the legion bridge for ninety five south is heavy off the spare interlude to slow from the dollars toll road nothing in the way in our lives also carry slow traffic eastbound through Bethesda in Silver Spring and building volume from College Park toward greenbelt in on the interlude toward land over the outer loop past the Alexandria exits local in through lanes are slow perhaps slower in the local lanes this time around from telegraph road out on to the Woodrow Wilson bridge where there may be something crowding if not blocking three ninety five south bound as heavy now from Shirlington tasking street to street ninety five getting slower from Morton across the aka quand sixty six west bound to crash before twenty eight Centerville is clear back in Maryland on two seventy north bound couple of slowdowns here and there between Gaithersburg in Clarksburg in Germantown northbound on three fifty five year one eighteen a crash reported ninety five in the Baltimore Washington parkway between the belt ways in good shape they're going to go with the interleukin kind of without a crash has been reported I meant to mention that the early this slow through green belt the crash is blocking the right side near kennel worth Avenue Maryland two oh one U. S. three oh one south of upper Marlboro south bound near chew road crash was causing delays route fifty without delay to and from the bay bridge traffic brought to you by navy federal credit union conquer your credit card debt with a low intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for twelve months learn more navy federal dot org insured by NCUA Dave goldmine WTOP traffic a.

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