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Of Life and what God has given us. In now when I go back and look at what few pictures have of her during that time. I see the stress. A see how she aged. I see how she struggled. And I realized that you know what she did the best that she could, but she was very appreciative. And that's why we were able to endure. That time. The world doesn't stop. It doesn't stop for us. The world will change and we have to change with it. But that never changes, and this is the ultimate life lesson than gain from my mother. was that you treat others as you would have them to treat you. That you, see the value in others that you appreciate that value. It's difficult at times. It's difficult at times to be able to appreciate something. That Maybe you're India Seth. Or perhaps a strained relationship caused you to to have anger towards a person. But with everything there's a season. This morning I was thinking. How angry I have been. For a lot of the decisions that I've made in how angry are Amnon certain folks? That came into my life as a result. Of those decisions. But I must let that anger go. I must be willing to forgive them, but more importantly. For Myself! And so this morning even as I'm thinking about this, I've decided that I will be more appreciative. Of the lessons learned as a result. Of those seasons of my life. There have been good seasons in. There could have been bad seasons. In truth, be told, we know the seasons are going to change again. And I'm already finding that as I grow in his mature based off of what my mother taught me. As. It's coming back to me. I'm beginning to see that I have a lot of her in me. especially in those towns. where it seems as though. The rough patch never ends..

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