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Good it it comes here in january it's called call me by your name oh i have read about authorized with thought with our armie hammer army jr in israel the all yes i thought go on the arm oh last and the third one is the big sur love the big dessert that's very well i like good michael your suggestions fail used books he number one exit west by machine hummy eight okay i children worked for that women this time number two the power if you have to read a book rate this book it talks about how power corrupts everyone and uh i made has written a novel that uses the real with this surreal perhaps the most faithful way to convey the tumultuous politics and world we live and grow and then the third one as locking up your own crime and punishment of black america who you know i'm one of them the thinks they get locked up far too drew aachen television number one the crown okay number left the i think in a past life i must have been equating i could see had about cheer i sister godley i think you are a queen thing i feel like they're allowed queanbeyan in again number two the handmaid's tale oh i swear reminded me of eagle mountain truth for your time hell no good there in that house in than is locked in and the last one is master a non without a dara bowl aziz and so that's a great show and that's that second seasonal that was very good very torching very recreate hairy yup very nice yeah and you know i'm glad that he wasn't in every one of them namely shared the seized without the great actress and you know i can have him on my mental and just pitch those cheeks every and unison here this is about okay jello recipe what's all right these are brand new two thousand nine million were going to something in your hadn't zilog i saved the best for last green apple pomegranate sliced green grapes in cranberry jello me with your traditional lime ajello.

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