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Here Ba- Radi I think a better question is when did you ever have faith in it? Most people didn't even know who he was and many people didn't like the higher and they're turning out to be right. What did he ever really do to deserve this job feels like elway settled for this dude and throw them a bone passing on Shanahan will continue to haunt this team Oh, one of the biggest moves one of the. Biggest non moves ever. We just came out of a coma since March. What did I missed the ADS nuggets rockies win at all. Yeah it was man there was so much promise wasn't there. To two months ago. Short and short to months. We baseball back. Okay. The rockies there built for this. Let's go back and just like listen to our narratives. For two months ago, the rockies are built for a sixty game season. This might be the year. This might be the year for them. Sixty Games. Anything can happen everybody's getting into the playoffs now. So the rockies are going back to the playoffs and then we're going to Nolan's GonNa feel better about the situation for the for the rockies going forward. The nuggets are entering the bubble, and at the beginning season, we thought they were going to be a championship team. Now. Okay. They were kind of back and forth five hundred type basketball after the all star break. Can they get it? Right? ARE THEY GONNA get? We'll Barton and Gary Harris back in Jomo they take the next step. The Colorado Avalanche Hey, they should win the cup. We're not gonNA fault them. They have to get past the first round though that's the pressure because it's a weird year. and. Then all the injuries for the avs happened, I mean Doug about injuries bronco the avs got those injuries like the broncos are getting but at the worst possible time and they actually were good. Like they, they have a shot I think the ads are actually a favorite to win the Stanley Cup next year. So we now with the Broncos, that's all we get a chance to see drew lock. Von Is he going to be able to revive his career? Melvin, Gordon, all these tools are weapon and weapons on offense. Get a chance to see how this all works out. Man. Dixon radio. If you've been looking in the mirror and practicing you're I'm really excited to see what Blake bortles can do comment for next week yet. I will tell you this. I'M GONNA go ahead and say I will not be excited to see Blake bortles. We we know what Blake Bortles has. He's one of those guys that is a backup quarterback. That's GonNa give you a few moments. then. That's it. You, know he just he never clicked. So, no I'm not excited for this move. I. The only reason I'm excited for Brett rippin is because we don't know what to expect i. saw him in College. He was good. We have yet to really see him. In the NFL we've seen snippets right. And that's what we're. You know we're GONNA we're. GonNa get a chance to see tomorrow. What about? But listen I'm not like I'm not going to tell you right now guarantee you based on his college experience he's going to be able to transition to the NFL I wanted to see him if you go back to the tapes, Kofax. Wanted to see the Broncos pick him up. And now here we are. Get a chance to see him thirty minutes after the hour. All, right we're going to talk to the voice of the buffs marked Johnson next the PAC twelve or at least see us in a weird spot. With some cove restrictions in boulder. So we've talked a lot about that. We talked a lot about getting football back in the PAC twelve but. What will these buffs be? We haven't really talked about that like personnel wise XS and Os. So I'll be curious to get some marks thoughts players we should be looking out for Carl Durell like. Should we BE PUMPED FOR THIS GUY? Is this past season? We'll get to mark next first. Let's hit the latest on the local sports flash FEAR MORNINGS WITH GAIL weekdays six to nine and.

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