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Tulane University the school acquired the archives of bestselling author Anne rice who was born and raised in New Orleans rice has written thirty novels she moved to California for college and has spent much of her life since then in California but New Orleans has played a central role in much of her fiction interview with the vampire was her first novel when it was published in nineteen seventy six in this set in the city's French Quarter the collection at Tulane will consist of manuscripts of most of our published works some on published short stories journals screenplays personal artifacts and correspondence from family friends and fans of the author bus companies such as greyhound do not have to allow US border patrol agents on board to conduct routine checks for legal immigrants and that's contrary to the company's long insistence that it has no choice to do so it's been confirmed by a customs and border protection memo obtained by the Associated Press greyhound which is the nation's largest bus company says it doesn't like agents coming on board but it's permitted them to do so claiming federal law demanded it when provided with the memo by the A. P. the company declined to say whether it would change that practice greyhounds face pressure from the American civil liberties union immigrants rights activists and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to stop allowing sweeps on buses within a hundred miles of an international border or coastline Amsterdam has banned the guided tours that take groups pass the fame to windows in the city's a red light district it's the city government's latest attempt to address over tourism and to clean up and to protect workers in the district which the city says are regularly abused and photographed without their consent by members of tour groups tours of the red light district still will be allowed if guide stick to the new restriction which takes effect in April and keep the windows off their itineraries.

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