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Oh oh oh breaking news the facebook results are up oh let's go check them out how bad slash good is it oh it's too early to tremendously i guess they made money i'm guessing so all you before we get into two billion unit users were seen this is alive blog bitterness for market watch should billion too many fhios uh we knew though was going to hit two billion um the the biggest quarter ever for hires are growing uh i'm going backwards so this is you know backwards in time uh expenses will are going to grow voice up for the year of his story up forty to fifty percent compared to for big growth in expenses is utter wooldridge bolger journalist australia ours is utter does i pay for the wall street journal that's yet would you paid militate while our you know pay well for me facebook profit jumped seventy one percent home for said god it's terrible seventy one percent oh man and i am me without any tech stocks holy tampa she's louise prophet really old sleight is it are you are you like the donald trump will take ruled that if you if you if you down um uh twit and took oliver money to put it in tech stocks which you can't get now would you make more money than you do from twitter it probably l ask lenny if you put the right textile right i know i was so funny now because uh.

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