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This stuff isn't anything. New are have been doing a lot of this for generations and would because we never get to tell our story. it's taboo or you know non black people or you know white. People people of color no this in terms of connection to their older in our history. We acknowledge it. What is it in the mainstream narrative. Hell nell you know. We like to use words in innovative. And it's like there's nothing innovative about a lot of these things. It's it's really just been This again narrative and kind cultural strategy ship that has happened over generations and we are generations in. It's going to take us that much longer because there's been generations of that to basically dismantle a system. That doesn't work for us. And i think that that's actually the core is well is is that we talk about remediation. We talk about working within a system. This system has never worked for black people. Indigenous people people of color. It wasn't created to work so it's working within a white supremacist structure. How it's supposed to and it will continue to do that. In capital extractive economy that really does continues to exploit us to maintain that system. But it really is about a restructure and if there's to be restructured that actually works for us. We have to be positioned to leading allies is not going to happen. So thank you so much that question. Yes we have to be able to address the history of our pain and our harm in our trauma and that so important. So that we don't then perpetuate that kind of dante's point on other people Because that just makes us vulnerable to not be able to transform the existing system there were ended impacts us to a new one or a restorative one that we know actually does need to value in center serving us as a community rather than killing us rather than making us sick rather than using s for exploitation using us for profit in ways that don't allow us to build our own liberation our own community ownership our own wealth which we had like right. Well no one wants to talk about that story we have. We've had all of those things right so really is just about re-centring all of it Dante she handled that one. So i'm i'm at another layer here for you on his question because you see what worked at once. He was saying they say. Cd does she was doing it. I wanna say i was going do a clubhouse joke. They have your club. They said he was cooking the letter cook as he was definitely doing that. That's so we're hearing hearing currents answer in that process. Wha- what you believe the rolled artists and all this then You know tony capable by quickly. The role of the artist is to make revolution resistible. And and so when she said those amazing words How do you feel that we should That should help us to inform our view of the climate revolution with this kind of position of us taking our rightful place in in leadership. You know not you know. How do you feel about that..

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