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Hey everybody is may seventh in giants history let's go back to the year two thousand and nine and when we go back to two thousand and nine we frequent lee mentioned this guy benjie molina he was a big part of the oh nine giants five seven oh nine we find benji and the giants in colorado taken on the rockies chorus field scoreless after an inning it's not gonna last long in denver jason marquees is on the mound for colorado he's facing benjie molina to start the second inning and here he is doing one the account swinging to drive at high and deep in the left centerfield far back to his left goes billboards and that ball is gone homerun benjie molina headed doctor the deepest part of the ballpark not straightaway center the deepest part of this ballpark so benjie molina goes deep for the sixth time this year his twentyfourth run batted in in the giants have a one we're going to get more the giants would add to their lead in the third when matt cain scored when jason made an error on an emmanuel burs bunt we had an rbi ground out by pablo sandoval scored fred lewis giants are winning three nothing burst its second and here he is again with his powerful swing benji lillian to account barista's second malino weights and he swings and drives one to right field that ball very well hit brad hop going back to the warning track walks up gone over the high wall in right field and benjie molina two at bats as hit two home runs and bursts will score even though he didn't make it to third because molina hits another one out and it's five nothing giants here on the top of the third benjie molina go deep twice in colorado.

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