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Handle here The work in, tech segment, big news and this is something that I actually know about a usually Leo and I have this conversation where he will say something, I'll, go? Wow really and then he'll say something else and, I'll, say, wow, wow really I didn't, know that but this is a little bit different mainly because most of us I'll say all of us subscribed to some kind of a. Streaming service so AT and t. buys HBO and I understand that HBO then what they wanna do is follow the. Netflix model so explain what all's going on and how this is gonna translate into as far as AT and t. is concerned the best buy they've. Ever, had well it goes to. The in I don't know because traditionally these giant acquisitions are not. Very successful the history of them is checkered to say, the least but you may remember a couple of weeks ago AT and t. Time Warner for eighty five billion dollars and among the. Other jewels in the Time. Warner crown they got Warner Brothers, they got a motion picture studio but they also got HBO now HBO for a long time it's kind of been a boutique cable. Channel makes all its money, from subscribers And for a. Long time was the place right. For prestige television the sopranos more recently Westworld They get a lot of attention they don't get a lot of viewers but the charge people to watch and it works pretty well for HBO not. Well enough for AT and t., they have eighteen t is. Put a new person in charge. He's the chief executive Warner media John stinky and a couple. I guess it was last week he went to New York to. Meet with the HBO family? HBO always been kind of known as a great. Place for creators they give you, freedom right and they do have a big Sunday. Night lineup they do big attention grabbing stuff but there's remember it started HBO, movies a benefactor I'll never. Forget, one of the first movies ever ever had with the first the superman movies for. Them yeah I re- I remember and it was and it was. The only company out there they did. This actually started with z channel here in Los Angeles that's, how far back where they go and that was a local, channel, where you could see all All of the Academy, Award nominees because everybody lived in southern California that. Was right and then it became, I don't know what happened z channel but then. HBO came in it was the granddaddy Home Box Office that's what HBO stands, for Home Box Office it. Was, watching movies in your home right yeah absolutely now the movies are just filler between. Game of thrones episodes because those are the franchise so what AT. And t. wants it with looking at. And everybody's looking at now in the industry is Netflix Netflix Just just blown the lid off of, this effect they had said they were gonna spend eight billion dollars on new content and acquisitions is here they now say, that's going. To be eleven billion dollars, and it really. Works for HBO because. It drives subscriptions it drives traffic they make more money in new subscriptions..

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