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Like a thing so you're eating must absorb the gravy yes absorb that sauce it's the leash okay freed very good there you go steak frites sully before we wrap it up here i mean selley spaghetti i should say you wrote down here would you rather explain your your would you rather here would you rather dez bryant and then you listed off any number i can't take credit for that was put that one on mvp so oh you wanna head the head one by one here yeah okay we'll start with will brinson here would you rather have dez bryant or brandon marshall right now or right now for twenty eighteen season mvp is that how you mean it for right now eighty one on your team dez bryant no question i think that both guys are worn out and not exactly going to be number one receivers but dez is at least a guy that you can sort of use as a glorified tight end and maybe an red zone weapon and a guy who can convert third downs by high pointing the ball is old teammate jason witten pointed out plus brandon marshall never been to the playoffs kind of a problem you're jinxing yourself if you signed brandon marshall ooh that's weird yeah that's a good one i agree with you about dez i know he's limited value but you know i'd rather you always hear about struggling in the red zone could use old as he advances and gets housed by fitzgerald we don't need we don't need to enough it's john advanced yeah fitzgerald we'd crabtree everybody would take crabtree right stickler refits advanced age and everything i'd still rather so we're face on brinson layer fitzgerald oga out jeffrey.

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