Albert Pune, Director, Scott discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Special Report: Albert Pyun on Interstellar Civil War (2017)


When april protracted objection both i'm your by quite on this special episode i'm going to be speaking with albert pune they director of many projection book favorites around here including mean guns gaps in america and you know me i'm always dropping brain special love story and a conversation whatever i possibly can i'm going to be talking to him about interstellar civil war shadows of the empire his latest film kind of his epic sifi movie that we've been waiting for a long time with no further deal it's go ahead and play that interview i wanna ask you a little bit about interstellar civil or can you tell me how did the project come about i think i saw the force awakens and really disappointed and how you know if it played it and i just thought that had no dep it didn't really explored themes that i was most interested in i realized at the same time that i didn't hit just seemed a breakfast cut of kingdom of heaven i release scott and he added so much ended at directors cut that i thought he just film that on a depth and detail in tennessee films them i just couldn't understand why then so fed up with the genesis of this project hey richly hitch tried to make a of black hawk down version of of us face opera but that's when you know might disease was lewis too limiting in be nope the shooting indian a kind of action and that kind of a world.

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