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I mean, you know, I well good as gold Ojeda is the proper pronunciation. He says, oh Jetta cuz his father didn't want to get discriminated against so they you know, they changed it to a Jetta but it's really ojida. If you're Hispanic collect myself, it's pronounced. Oh, he te Jabo na toh Jetta. So that's just that's just in the pronunciation which is why the Army Major doesn't get mad at me when I say oh heater cuz he knows that's the correct pronunciation dead. I just you know, just getting back to the Meghan Markle thing. I just think it's so sad and I'm I talked to my English friends at the pub about it off and it is just it's what is coincidental about it in relation to me is that they refer to the royal family as the firm? I used to refer to being at the Howard Stern Show The Firm in fact Baba Booey picked up on it and he would call it the firm as well. It's like you just can't get out. There's no way to get out and get out how it's going to beat the hell out of you on the air which he did to me and when she has done to a lot of people so, I mean that is just that was interesting but the real takeaway here, it's just how little they cared. They wouldn't even give Archie any protection any support and not face of people why because of the because because Meghan Markle is half African-American. I mean, let's just I mean, that's just how it is. So I mean and it's it's sad and I don't blame Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and if you watch the interview, first of all Oprah proves, what a great interview with she is she did a great job. She asked the Dead The the great questions. I applaud her she true professional and and and and I will say that it took it. You know that Meghan and Harry came across looking real swell. I think I you know, I think they were yeah. Yeah, my sister Susan said they also called the institution and HR. Yeah, I mean, you know and Meghan Markle and and Harry handle incredibly and they and they came across. Great, and I really felt bad for them, you know and just how they get beaten up all the time and how the tabloids have been and the British tabloids a bad. They're really bad and they've been beating up on them ever since day one. So, I mean it's really really awful and I thought they came across great. I will tell here's an observation for you right now. It's only me cuz I'm always looking at the frame. But if you look at the frame of that interview, there's a big bush in the middle. In the first hour and then in the second hour of the Bush disappears. I'm guessing they changed the location a little bit because of the Sun but I don't know either that or was a walking bush like the bare trees from The Wizard of Oz and the thing just got up and left but that's one thing I noticed but have Piers Morgan go on there and just trash Meghan Markle. He is a despicable human being if you can even call him that I mean, it's despicable man. If you can even call him that he's just a horrible choice of shit and for him to trash big market and I called it. I was like this guy is a piece of garbage. I tweeted directly to pierce. Sometimes he would actually answer me off. He hasn't I'm like, how dare you how dare you Piers Morgan? And then I I called for aspiring I said I said get rid of this guy who the hell. Is he the question ma'am? Markle about her Suicidal Tendencies. She was feeling suicidal. I mean he'll who are you to question that who do you think you obvious Morgan? Seriously, so I am glad to see Good Morning Britain get rid of him. Yeah, they say that appears resigned. That's a bunch of horseshit. We all know the true age Big K and Piers Morgan and they should because he was completely insensitive and we found out by that dude Alex the weather guy over there who called Pierce out that pierce was was just bought heard that making a defriended him. So Pierce just crawl under a rock and never come out again. You're adding a speakable human being and I'm glad you lost your job and I pray that you never get hired again. Thank you now on that note. Let me thank my guess. We have a lot of shows coming up this week. So I don't want you guys to get sick of me. But tomorrow at noon PST. We have Anthony scaramucci followed by the Midas touch brothers who I love and it's going to be awesome Thursday. We have dr. Joseph Brown who is going to go through the seed pack Body Language, including the dotard himself and so doctor Jack Brown who I know the audience loves I might even bring House Park song cuz I know how loves to have doc Jack Brown cuz he loved it cuz he's fascinated by Body Language and you know and speech experts like, you know, how loves it so I so I probably have Halo on Fridays be on the balcony. I don't know yet. I'm looking for another great, correct. You missed last one become a patron member. We're picking up a lot of patreon members. I want to thank all of you for being a patron member and I'm going.

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