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Your throat. But i will tell you so that when i get to heaven and because i already got enough things that he's gonna be a lot of questions like how come you cursing so much. Thank also commuting. Share the message of me at my love for people at least in my job. Imagine my head. Saint peter with like a bunch of note cards and just talk show host. Yeah the june fifteenth nineteen eighty-four rolodex. Gotten pretty good. Though everytime rescue a cat. I feel like i get a little bit back absolutely absolutely all right. We get advice questions from twitter. Dmz instagram dm's g mail voicemail. Our favorite three two three five two four seven eight. Three nine is that number. Here's of voicemail. Hi naomi and andy Please don't say my name just in case the person to talk about listens to this i forget if you all answer friendship questions or it's just relationship questions Do wanna mentioned the couple. Therapy corentin crew has been enjoying those twitches. I know they're coming to close to But anyway. I have a friend who i went to college Just for clarity or the of stealing about this will call her sarah. So we've known each other for ten plus years and then she also has this cousin who i see big events like my friends i as graduations but this cousin became friends with me. She reaches out to maysville. Send me instagram rails. And things like that Over maybe the last three years and then so During the pandemic. I went like roller skating with this person because the cousin actually was in the city closer to me and my friend lives.

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