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Leonardo Dicaprio, Sam Mendis, Libya discussed on Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast - Ben Mankiewicz: 4/19/17


Surprisingly dark humor there as well number force little children number three is revolutionary road a marriage in peril it's her and leonardo dicaprio making sweep match together gorgeous lee shot and directed by sam mendis kate winslett he can just feel the icy chill of her character that's her exhusband to correct her and leone no sam entities amenities sr three secondly quite urged a threat libya since his ex husband which i always thought was odd like when when that started getting a lot of awards consideration every time we see her like just grabbing lille hugging and kissing seems right there i think they're still married of the time albert yeah correct the gulf like this is again alas last she's she's oliver leo had sam's right there and disappointed you have mentioned also in that film michael shannon like i said a phenomenal revolution road he's not well number two is a turtle sunshine spotless mind yeah you forgot kate winslet seen that movie her jim carrey she's great in that uh so vibrant and buoyant and bobbly and full of life she's awesome in a sunshine which is a great great film and number one how i gotta go gets rose man come on titanic epic film her and leo of course made her a star hey winslett titanic attorney sunshine of spotless mind revolutionary road little children and the reader so we open open for book review since or so sporadic an obviously the says a movie podcast by red alec baldwin's book nevertheless and i think bald is just a fascinating guy i mean of of all the actors at wednesday's my one of my favorite actors just because i was looking at the list of moi's that he's done and there is a ton that jumped out but i love him as a person i think he's eminently fascinating i think he's rubric talented and i think he will be incredible like talked to an avid engaging one our conversation with because he's just so smart alleged so many different subjects and that the biggest overriding take away from reading his memoir nevertheless it's just how generous he is a couch he loves other actors the index he goes through letters of the alphabet and then just lisov his favorite actors so it's like you be is for for brando and for all these other actresses i listen i am as for mitchem you know.

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