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With Tracy Taylor. And I haven't heard back from Auburn treaty weather PD, rather whether or not they've opened up east and westbound lanes of thirty seventh southeast in that area for this situation. That's happening. So again, drivers taken mind, you could encounter some delays there. Let's talk about the drive right now because that northbound four zero five drive is brutal trying to get past five twenty. And that's because the HOV lane is blocked, and it's been blocked for a little over an hour for this wreck. And of course, it's caused some problems for drivers on surface through Bellevue jammed up on southbound four zero five as well leaving five twenty and working its way into new castle were little hung up on the southbound five drive right around the Duwamish river curves heading. Out to south two hundred once again, some lineups after highway eighteen just got a message at nine eight nine seven three from the Ron and Don nation, saying the, hey, there's a new wreck on southbound I five out near Lacey. I'm going to scan those cameras, and we'll have another update coming up in about ten minutes. Traffic brought to you by timeshare exit team. If you tried selling your timeshare tried getting it back or you're still stuck call timeshare exit team eight four four nine seven six exit or visit timeshareexitteam dot com. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Tracy Taylor. Now from KIRO radio news room and streaming on the KIRO radio app felony suspect in south Auburn has barricaded himself in his apartment prompting a standoff with the swan team. This is right across the street. From mount Baker middle school, go dismisses their two PM. So the police activity was not over yet. So we held the kids at school and impacted our bus routes district. Spokeswoman Vicki Alonzo says they're releasing students one by one to parents who drive up.

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