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Zero nine six five and were also taken text questions as well at two one to three to that's two one to three two and tillman about twenty minutes ago or so we get about some clues for the toll of the way week any new listeners that of joined us maybe they didn't catch the toll of the urgent or the the hence what are they so the first hector gave was but the kitchen top it's not exit well it is and it's not i use this touched on the from my wife in the kitchen i use a very similar tall no tool it does the same thing about this exact one but the does the same thing almost every day for a toll that i carried every day okay that some of him and then it doesn't take battery set was the other thing we setbacks any other hands they coming and they let dick when boxer so but did not see you got to do is one of the manual version mind aggression this so and i will also add if you don't have this it's a very underrated tool that's true i've i feel does that and i love big exactly true that is exactly for so looks like we had it to it takes question up there what was that third generation master like an did to do doesn't know third any open positions give us a call the office for seven he won one six four four ahead george's number but just just as for hector myself for on and and you know what what it there's been we don't like to talk to people i'm pissed calling us tomorrow i rounded out for the what we appreciate them on the word really previous care you tomorrow but you call us so for up to more offering on we come talk about him this is always open positions by the way cause you miss in would look you put them in just forty starters what they see for crawl mean for spend niko guys from a _c_m plumbing we're looking for played this and they'll fist alonso the phone could have been outscored been maybin people the wrong what where groin when the more people when you know good people are you guys listen this caller also more all of it is suffering on any time not even a lot some would be happy to to wear actually looking.

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