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Good. Whole the west found out about cloud too. But is that this guy did it to his coworker? But the best part is they work at Salesforce, which is a cloud software company, and their tagline has the word cloud in it and his coworker didn't notice and just thought that the new tagline for Salesforce was a company. Co-workers was true. The only thing I could send behalf English is not as first language, but still it makes no fucking sense by maybe it was like new hip new lingo or something called each other. It's like, it's like a buck computing company. Just like thought that was like new word that they were using now. So he never noticed. And then the original coworker had to tell him after a while he had placed extension in his computer, like months out a prank at that point. If the person doesn't know. Yeah. It's just like when foreigners listen to our podcast, and they're learning English. I once had this guy called me advise, I was at a summer theater program. We were seeing in dormitories, and like my dorm phone rang, which never happens, and it was this Chinese restaurant calling me telling me my order was going to be late. But I didn't want her any food, and they went on and on there like you're gonna to pay for it. Anyway, we'll be there soon, and I did not put it together. I didn't realize I was being pranked. And then later I was like sitting with my friend, and he had to bring down to me that he had met to me. Ceases to be a prank when the person doesn't realize. Right. Well, this is why I'm fascinated. I love that you brought up. Impractical jokers 'cause I enjoy pranks for arts sacred entertainment sake of that prank was to make a TV show, and then to like basically show like, oh, everyone so gullible or like, we Gotcha. And then it's funny versus like, I'm just pulling a prank on my mom and only me, and my mom will get a laugh out of it like that's less appealing. I like I like making stuff at that's more. Interesting to me, there's always like someone in your family. Who's like I put a rubber band on the on the on the waters distinct sprayer in that I went to the sink in its gritted mom in the face. And it's like, okay. Some people get a lot of personal joy out of pranks. Yeah. That is true. I'll just mention one more had an ex boyfriend who used to call one eight hundred flowers lead them through the whole process of making an arrangement for his dead turtle named fluffy. And like really just tell this story. Well, it wasn't on the because it was the same exit a lot of pranks that person was into prank. No, I have not heard this one. This what we did talk about in here. I think is that he also used this service where some service would call your phone, and like based on whatever your area code was. They would send a fake number. That was also in that area codes, you're about to are likely to answer it, and then you could program in anything you wanted. Anyway, totally for personal pleasure in that instance. But what was the payoff on the turtle though, they didn't finish the bouquet. They had them walk through the arrangement. Yeah. They just liked hearing like them. I listened in one time and the woman on the other end like really sympathized with what was going on like, you know, he kind of broke down crying a little bit at one point. And he needs to record push. Yeah. Morning show or something. Yeah. Yeah. L E have you ever pranked anybody? I'm just curious. You know, when I think about myself, I think that I should have a lot of pranks stories, but I don't. Think boys prank. A lot more growing up. I think they brothers always were pranking their college roommates in like epic pranks, and they were amazing. And I kinda loved it in wish that like girls of Brank each other. But I think they just get offended. I hate that. I just did all that gender stereotyping. But I'm also sticking with. As you were saying before it's not a joke when the person's just like. Why did you your target and sling is critical? And I guess I don't know girls trained to like get things read and be practical. So you play a prank, and they're just like what I don't know. By day, and at the risk of saying other sexist things like I don't know girls like hurt each other like very severely. Don't they? I don't know. They're just. Very I don't know. There's a lot of meanness. I think that happens. No, no. Like, you know. Yes. Sword fights. Yeah. I went to a demolition order fought roller derby last weekend. I would like all women roller. Derby, we go and those women did that sounds fucking ears. Yeah. I little Berle's the John Jay college of criminal Justice. Happening. It's not roller. This is the John Jay college criminal Justice attending a roller derby, a worthwhile. Maybe not definitely it was a belated birthday celebration for me. And it was very fun and very unexpected. From the man you're seeing. Yes. Hello, man. He's listening right now. I can't hear you.

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