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In the security American companies are unaffiliated 10 06 checking Wall Street were all three major indexes today dropped at least 2%. Now losing 634 points. Closing at 30,303 S and P down 99. NASDAQ fell 355 Sports Celtics and Spurs late in the third quarter. Spurs up by one. Don Huff WBZ Boston's news radio. It's night side with Dan Ray on WBZ. Costin's news radio. All right, we're back and we have a halftime guest. I don't I think this might be the first Halftime guest of the year, actually, which is sort of unusual because we tend to do AH, some halftime interviews have time interviews are two hours down and two hours to go and I'd like to introduce someone who is a graduate of Boston Latin School amongst other things. Hillary Krieger. Hi, Hilary. How are you tonight? I'm great. How are you? Good. Hillary is a journalist. And Carly is an opinion editor at NBC. Correct? Mm, and has worked. In journalism in different spots around the world and But calls Boston home and Little more that little less than a year ago. Her dad, Neil, um, was lost to a covert 19 and Hillary has written very emotionally about the loss. I mean, its losses is never never easy. And you you have tried to do something. In memory of your dad. You and your brother Jonathan, and tried to do something in memory of your dad, which is Very interesting on unique. Tell it. Tell us about it, Hilary. Well, um, after our father passed away, Um and we weren't able to have the traditional funeral and things you do to commemorate a person. We were spending a lot of time talking to people about him and trying to capture who he was and communicated quickly, And one thing we kept on coming back to was a word that he had. Invented on did use around the house growing up. So we actually thought it was a real word until we were shocked to find out. It wasn't on the word is Orbis Kelly. And it means when you're cutting into Citrus fruit, and it squirts you in the eye. And it's a really fun, funny and colorful word, and we would tell people about it because we thought it captured so much about his personality in such a Short on gun accessible way. And since it turned out that the word wasn't a real word. Until now, we thought a really fun way to honor his memory and include people in our story of who he Woz on How he touched the people around him would be to try and get this word or bestial eight. Added to the dictionary. All right now it sounds like a real word O r B I s C u l A t Now your dad passed away. In late April on you and your brother Jonathan have been working on this project Now for a few months. I guess you've had some news articles, the in which this Mr Boston Globe did a story on it. I mean, it sounds like a real word. Orbis kill eight. I mean, it's it has Did you? Did you do a little deep dive into what? The depth. I mean, there's always going to be a Derek derivation. Your dad was a graduate of Cornell and And was a man of letters himself. He came up with the word. What do we have in terms of orbits, I assume is from the Latin of some sort. That's our guests. Unfortunately, it wasn't something that we asked him before He passed away, but we actually talked to a language expert who lives in Somerville. And tried to figure out with her what the word would have been sort of Adama logically on. And then they're two different words in Latin that you could combine to get the U late ending and one means thrust and one means throw. So we think it's a combination of those those two root words. Um, though our dad was very creative. He did not feel very bound by the rules of language or convention or anything else, which is why he would make up his own vocabulary. S so it's sort of our best guess work at how at how he worked it out..

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