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To the farmer. Well, what goes better together than peanut butter and chocolate? Well, a lot healthier foods such as tomatoes and avocados the tomato products wellness council, they're dedicated to promoting the health benefits of processing tomatoes has taken on a partnership with other fruits and vegetables. At the recent California tomato growers association's annual meeting in Modesto, California Farm Bureau Federation talked with Alec Watson about how tomatoes are teaming up with avacado about two years ago that the avocado council Haas avocado board funded a study at Ohio State University. But one of the interesting things that came out was also the synergy when you team together with tomato products, how they actually are even better for you. When you team the two together we've been really running without really trying to help promote how you can team up tomatoes and avocados nachos with your soul said adding avocados top and also different chilly dishes that you sliced avocado and put it on top of William China. To get people thinking about more than just one food group at a time. But how do you kind of use synergy to get the most nutrients and bang for your buck out of all that processing tomato harvest in two thousand seventeen in California produced ten point four million tonnes, the three leading counties for processing tomatoes in California include Fresno kings, and yellow farmers and ranchers been spending the last month or so trying out that new drone you received as a holiday gift. You may have noticed when taking it out for a spin some differences in flying an.

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