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The. Social security and Medicare be running out of money. A partly cloudy sky at sixty two in downtown indie, John Herrick. Here's what's trending at seven. Thirty one will new report says they are FOX's Joe NATO reports going to be insolvent by twenty twenty six social security could go belly up by twenty thirty five those warnings report from three cabinet heads and the social security board of trustees who are saying that congress has to take action if not retirees may have to struggle with smaller social security checks and Medicare would only be able to pay part of its agreed upon fees to hospitals, but steps congress could take like hiking payroll taxes for social security or raising the Medicare retirement age are hot potatoes that not many politicians wanna touch in Washington chill. Nato folks. News new evidence released in the Delphi. Murder investigation yesterday as police try to figure out who murdered to ya. Young girls there two years ago. We also believe this person's from Delphi. Currently. Or as previously lived here. Visit still fight a regular basis. Or works here. State. Police sergeant Doug Carter says the man is likely between eighteen and forty years old but could look younger than his actual age. They released new sketch which looks very different from the original sketch. Former FBI supervisor Cathy got her explained what might account for that. People can date the same location, and they're going to cheat different things. So I don't know if there is a new witness or not I have no connection to this case. But they may have some new information somebody came forward, and that might be where the second sketch pain from that. She says is encouraging. You can see the sketch WIBC dot com funeral industry Lanka..

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