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Well, there's we what we don't know. Like a lot of aquatic animals have various ways of detecting movement in the water like detecting, like even like the movement of water the movement of. On the things around them. And I think there's probably a lot of research that could be done on the ability of snakes to detect that that has studied. Okay. So there's probably some other senses there that we know whole ton about. So how are they just detecting the movement then of this snake charmer and coming out like when people are like people who are trying to charm snakes. Yeah. Yeah. So. I mean, there's so many things that are going on there. So in most cases, what we see with snake charming is that those animals are like on death's door. So they're probably not well fed on all these super dehydrated. They've oftentimes for things like a lot of the cobras. They've actually had the they're what we call venom Lloyd they've had the venom glands removed or they've at least had the failings broken off oftentimes had their mouths sewn shot. So if you actually like look closely at like, high quality photos of people who are timing snakes. You can oftentimes see some of the remaining sutures where their mouth, so. So how did the fucking snake seat? Yeah. Exactly. So maybe every so again, you're talking about animals they can go for months at a team to make videos about this. Well, pita not local. So yeah, what we're saying? With snake charming is that it's not about the sound probably at all. They're probably looking at the movement probably about the movement. Crazy. But it's also the case that they're probably not able to do anything to the person because they've had all these other things. Yeah. Okay. Another classic horror movie trope mostly with sharks or like when we talked about Lake Placid. I think like blood in the water and that like tracks. How did they how is there? Not a piranha theme in Anaconda like God. Then there's like never an aunt never Perron. And no, it's all like, snakes, baby. He made a joke at one point. But like they never bring in the Perron is in the movie parental. I love when he he bled out the one Jon Voight blood out the monkey and had that barrel a monkey blood and tosses it on them. Right. But that's what I'm saying. Is this idea of like sending the prey on them? That's different. Like there. What you're trying to do is your. I mean, it's weird to it's actually really weird to think about doing it with blood like this totally no, honestly any point in the blood. Will you should really do? Like, a snake is not sensing the blood of its favorite prey item. A snake is like smelling that prey item. Like, okay when we smell a cow a living cow. We're not smelling steak now. Unfortunately, we're smelling like barnyard. Yeah. Yeah. So if you want to actually make something smell like a common prey item. You don't throw his blood on it, you take that dead animal. Like, if you think at this thing eats monkeys will then take the monkey and rub them all over with the monkey make smell like a monkey, and that's going to draw the snake towards was confused about that. Because it's like, I don't know. I always see it with sharks. And I thought oh. Maybe they just thought ads the same shit covered in blood shorts actually are detecting thing. Right. Is it but sharks feed Natoli different way? Like snakes eat there in general. This isn't true for every species of snake. But for almost over species of snake, the snakes eat the entire thing. Hol in that. I just attract will then stomach breaks down. Right. Yeah. So they're not sensing the blood. They're thinking about what does this thing? Smell like from the outside there for what is it? Do. I want to eat it. Yes. Then they're going to eat it. But they're not thinking about like the blood got sharks. Absolutely. They're not just taking out things in the water. But like once they bite something in a falls into pieces..

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