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Seven three thirty seven hundred Triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred Tonight, we, explore the, deep Lucy Going down to figure out just what is. Under what is swimming under there Some of the darkest stories come from, the ocean and you, know what's odd now is that with. The heat waves they're saying that. The of course the waters are heating up they did a test, over test, your San Diego found that the water was hot seventy nine degrees they say and If you look on the internet, if you look in the papers have you read anything you know, that shark attacks have, been on the rise you know that. These types of predators in the. Oceans and it's a wonder you know if you know the oceans, are safe, anymore Because shark attacks, have been, on the rise with more attacks reporting worldwide In the past few years than in any, other time on. Record there was a survey that was taken the international shark attack file a database of shark attacks maintained by, the Florida museum of natural history includes a yearly summary of unprovoked attacks aggressive interactions initiated by sharks against people in. In a sharks habitat without any prior contact about back in twenty fifteen we had ninety eight attacks There were eighty eight attacks in two thousand just going down the list of all of. Them and I'm seeing here Increased number of tax. Likely not indicate sharks are attacking people frequently rather, than human populations are. Growing so they're more people swimming and surfing and so all that splashing is attracting the sharks. They're tracking the sharks But we. Have a lot of shark concerns right now in. Australia in Florida apparently Right now let's see it was think it was last year was it that was about, a hundred and seven people in different parts of the world were bitten by sharks eight of those people died and I know. That doesn't sound like a a large number when you're talking, about a global thing. But when it comes to sharks and human interaction unprovoked attacks that is pretty high one hundred seven still trying to get the latest stats that I guess last year is the best, I can do. Because I'm going through all the stats right now. From the international shark, attack file one hundred sixty four reports in two thousand fifteen those are unprovoked. Attacks And they're saying it's because the world population if we continue our upsurge world population and if we continue, to have an. Interest in aquatic recreation then we realistically should be. Seeing more shark attacks The are saying though the shark populations are declining right now, they're they're holding at greatly reduced levels in. Many areas of the world so they're blaming. That on overfishing habitat loss all this so when. You're looking at a year to year variability and local be Roger ocean graphic and, socio economic conditions you see how this, influences the shark attacks and so we start looking at shark, bites injuries you look at people fighting off sharks The question is though, are we seeing an increase well it's because. More people are using the ocean at least. That's what they're saying more people in the ocean. That means more people having shark attacks The? Odds though are still that it's not likely. That you'll be, attacked, by a shark in your lifetime you know this is this is one of, those things. Where you have a what is it, what an in seven hundred thirty million. Millions chance so your, your your your chances of? Being, attacked by a shark are one in seven, hundred thirty eight million that's being. Bitten by a great white. Shark surfers are one in seventeen million And scuba divers? You? Have a one in thirty six million chance. Of being attacked, by, a shark but when you see movies like the Meg and you see movies, like jaws. And you watch shark week you thinking. Everybody's being attacked by a shark and And why did the haunted ambitious show at the time it wasn't a sharks terrifying they were submarine, accidents going on I think it was the Kursk That was that's how long. Ago was the Kursk actually had There was a story about this Russian submarine that went down and a lot of people thought that it was. Attacked by some see monster because of what they reported said they saw some, mass coming at them and then you know what it was and so you when you have a, mass coming, at you and, you, don't know what it is you know, they eventually said, well look like a mountain coming at us which once again they would know where a. Mountain was, or they didn't see a, mountain coming out them I mean they said a. Huge mass but then it was written up as A huge, mountain was in, the way of the curse can that's why it went down so I did the haunted. Abyss show, and ended up doing a, show called return to the Bermuda triangle I think it's on the internet you can look that up to if you want to look at that show it was an amazing. Success two years later though what was really a big honor for me was that I was granted the first interview with Peter Lindbergh of the ocean x team to. Discuss the Baltic Sea anomaly you may remember that in two. Thousand twelve the ocean, extreme actually dove down to a circle shaped object in the Baltic Sea and actually better. Than ever experienced before I thought it. Was just a stone or a rock clip but after further observations the. Object appeared more like. A huge mushroom rising ten to thirteen, feet from the seabed it had rounded, sides on rugged edges the. Object had an egg shaped hole leading into. It from the top that was the opening and then on. Top of the object they. Also found strange stone circle formations almost looking like small fireplaces the stones were covered in something resembling soot The path to the object of. Course there's a path leading up to where the object was resting bay said it look like. A runway or a downhill path. That is flattened out at sea bad like something maybe crashed into the ocean, and then slid that way. Before it finally, ended, in the seabed there the fascinating thing was that the object resemble the millennium falcon from Star Wars and there was speculation that what we observed or what was down. There was a USO or an identified submerge object meaning that this could have been some sort of alien spacecraft that had crashed in the Baltic Sea what's interesting out. Of all the things and all the speculations and after interviewing. The leader of the, ocean x team it was funny because while the media was writing off the possibility of. Being an alien spaceship the team on. Ocean x. Lindbergh told me he said they had no question there was. No question that what. They were looking at was something that, was a spaceship and then all of, a sudden something happened where. You didn't hear about the Baltic Sea anomaly Anymore and so I can tell you there's something quite mysterious about the ocean and what may be lurking in the waters below and I tell you that that whole interview. With the the oceanic team was amazing it was just an amazing thing to, be able to talk about that and so it's that's why I say this is the this is the, topic I really love I don't talk about all that much on my show but when things happened in the. Ocean when I started hearing about things like shark attacks and I start hearing about fish die offs and I I, hear about globs tres okay that's the thing that really gets me these weird things that wash, up on the shore but no one knows what they are going to Joshua. Calling in from Georgia hi Joshua young ground zero.

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