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Welcome back to new hampshire today a lot going on the news fourteen kill killed that russian subway attack more ensured suspect the bully believe to be a suicide bomber on the train station other boss narrow diffuse to president trump last night i believe his last night but of in this morning early called flattering put the russian president to extend condolences also north carolina men's unsuitable a basketball champions they were gonna blaster though another congrats in north carolina and that's pretty cold also burleson i can wrap up a playoff spot with a win over tampa bay so what going on and the masters gets underway this week hard to believe alright opening day red sox to pretty darn well yesterday rick porcello good start and a nice afternoon red sox five three over the pirates he whatnot about the new hampshire symphony and while we get well we bring and i guess on the on a fearless realize we have a pair of tickets to give away and dud is going to show one conquered some market calendars if you go on april seventh you right now with a pair tickets a giveaway on a fearless realize open david will put i will hill tell you who we are i mean he'll tell him who you are will get that to the folks of the seventy goto show april seventh and conquered april eighth in national walk so right now six four five sixty one sixty one six four five six one six one if you want to go to the show give us a call third caller will get appear tickets we want to bring in the sheryl bishop off and she's a guest solace for the concert she's actually one of the performers he plays the all ball i believe sheryl good morning good morning to you know well that's pretty.

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